What is another term for orientation?

positioning, location, position, situation, lie, bearings, angle, placement, direction, alignment, emplacement, locating, situating. 2’his orientation to his new way of life’ adaptation, adjustment, accommodation, familiarization, acclimatization, settling in.

What is the meaning of the word reoriented?

transitive verb. : to orient (someone or something) again or differently: such as. a : to change the orientation or direction of (something or someone) reorient the antenna reoriented herself so she was facing north. b : to reacquaint (someone, especially oneself) with a situation, environment, etc.

Which is correct re orientation or reorientation?

Reorientation is the act of figuring out again where you are in relationship to your environment, or changing direction. If you’re lost in the woods, a compass and map are good for reorientation. Reorientation is often related to location: figuring out where you are and pointing yourself in the right direction.

What is the best synonyms for homogeneous?


  • alike.
  • comparable.
  • compatible.
  • consistent.
  • equal.
  • same.
  • solid.
  • uniform.

What is school orientation?

Orientation is a chance for students to learn how things work at their new school and meet other students as well as faculty and staff members. Orientation is also a chance for the school to start getting to know your student.

Is there a difference between oriented and orientated?

Some people say that there is a slight distinction between the two words, at least with regards to one specific meaning. In other words, orientated is used to refer to geographic directions while oriented is used in more metaphorical senses like getting one’s bearings straight.

Is reorient a Scrabble word?

Reoriented is valid Scrabble Word.

What is event in recount text?

Events: Describing series of event that happened in the past.

How do you use the word reorient in a sentence?

1. The most important step is to reorient the direction of the new building. 2. China had to reorient her foreign policy according to the new situation.

What is the analogy of homogeneous?

As adjectives the difference between homogeneous and analogous. is that homogeneous is of the same kind; alike, similar while analogous is having analogy; corresponding to something else; bearing some resemblance or proportion;—often followed by “to”.

What makes something homogeneous?

Homogeneous most generally means consisting of parts or elements that are all the same. Something that is homogeneous is uniform in nature or character throughout. Homogeneous can also be used to describe multiple things that are all essentially alike or of the same kind.

What is the purpose of orientation?

Induction, also called orientation is designed to provide a new employee with the information he or she needs to function comfortably and effectively in the organization. It is a planned introduction of new hires to their jobs, their peers, and the company.