What is a triple coil cylinder?

The Triple Coil cylinder has three coils for connection to Primary heat sources and is available as an Open Vented hot water system application. The bottom coil should be used for the Solar Thermal. A Solid Fuel appliance should be connected to the left hand coil, via the 28mm compression connections provided.

What does vented cylinder mean?

Vented cylinders are known as the traditional option, as they have been around for decades and were first manufactured using copper due to the material’s efficient conductivity of heat. Now available in both copper and stainless steel, vented cylinders store and heat water that is fed directly from a tank in the loft.

What’s the difference between a vented and unvented cylinder?

A traditional vented cylinder requires connection to a water tank, usually in a loft or attic space, using gravity to deliver hot water to the home. An unvented cylinder uses a pressurised system, that has a direct feed from your cold water supply, so there is no need for a cold water storage tank in the loft or attic.

What is a twin coil cylinder?

A twin coil cylinder is one of the most popular ways to provide hot water with a solar thermal system. The boiler (or other auxiliary heater) is connected to the upper coil, with the solar circuit connected to the lower one.

Can I use a vented cylinder with a system boiler?

Vented hot water cylinders, or vented hot water storage units, need to be fed from a cold water cistern tank, which is kept in the loft. This removes any need for a cold water tank in the loft and is why they need to be installed alongside a system boiler.

What is vented indirect cylinder?

Indirect Vented Cylinders A heat exchanger within the cylinder transfers heat from the external appliance (i.e. boiler) to the water in the cylinder. This water is then heated and is distributed to the hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers) as part of a gravity led system.

Can you use a regular boiler with an unvented cylinder?

A regular boiler will always require a hot water tank Basically though, unvented hot water systems (also known as sealed systems) operate under mains pressure, and take advantage of a bubble of air in the cylinder or a separate expansion vessel to allow expansion of the hot water.

How does a vented hot water cylinder work?

A vented hot water cylinder uses a gravity-led system instead of water pressure, relying on a cold-water tank to feed the cylinder water then a heat source to heat the water. The water will be heated either directly using an immersion heater within the cylinder or indirectly via a central heating boiler.

What is a solar cylinder?

Solar unvented hot water cylinders are ideal for homeowners looking for a greener central heating solution. With a dedicated solar coil fitted inside, unvented solar cylinders can be connected directly to solar panels that transfer energy from the sun and heat your stored water using this coil.

Do vented cylinders need servicing?

The simple answer here is “yes”. You should have your unvented water cylinder inspected and serviced every year. Annual inspections and maintenance ensure that your cylinder does not become an explosion hazard.

Can I use a vented cylinder in an unvented system?

Yes you can. You just won’t fit the expansion vessel and the inlet control group.

What are the different grades of vented cylinders?

There are three ‘Grades’ of vented cylinder G1, G2, G3 all are built to the same manufacturing standard, the principle difference between the three grades is the gauge of the copper sheet used.

Do I need a gravity coil for my Gledhill cylinder?

Gravity coil When ordering your Gledhill cylinder, you would need to specify if it requires a gravity coil. This is where the circulation of the hot water circulation is attained by using the natural convection current rather than by the use of a circulation pump to ‘force’ the water around the system.

Why choose itelford vented hot water cylinders?

Telford high-performance vented hot water storage cylinders are manufactured in the UK from premium quality copper in accordance with BSI566:2002 (Part L). All cylinders are supplied with 2 ¼” factory-fitted immersion bosses and are fully insulation to minimise any heat loss.

What is a variablevented indirect hot water storage cylinder?

Vented indirect hot water storage cylinders are designed to be heated indirectly by a gas or oil-fired boiler. The water in the heating system is heated by the heat source and passed through the coil where it warms the domestic hot water. Fully insulated with 35mm foam to minimise any heat loss