What is a synonym for method of operation?

synonyms for method of operation M.O. mode of operation. modus vivendi. procedure. process.

What is another name for open market?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for open market, like: competitive market, free-enterprise, free-trade, open trade, free-market, free-trade-area, free port and common market.

What is the meaning of an open market?

An open market is an economic system with little to no barriers to free-market activity. An open market is characterized by the absence of tariffs, taxes, licensing requirements, subsidies, unionization, and any other regulations or practices that interfere with free-market activity.

What is another term for operations in business?

What is another word for operations?

activities pursuits
business assignment
activity charge
efforts work
duty act

What does method of operation mean?

A Latin phrase meaning method of operation, used to mean the way someone usually does something, for example a criminal. Often abbreviated to m.o.

How do you use open market operation in a sentence?

We are open market operation to sell the process in line with the Beijing Government’s new land policy. 6. The open market operation refers to the buying and selling of government securities by a central bank in order to control the money supply.

What do you understand by the term open market operations when would the central bank resort to these activities?

Open market operations refer to central bank purchases or sales of government securities in order to expand or contract money in the banking system and influence interest rates.

What makes open market operations important?

Conducted by the trading desk at the Fed’s New York branch, open market operations enable the Fed to influence the supply of reserves in the banking system. This process then affects interest rates, banks’ willingness to lend and consumers’ and businesses’ willingness to borrow and invest.

Is working and operation same?

As verbs the difference between operate and work is that operate is to perform a work or labour; to exert power or strength, physical or mechanical; to act while work is to do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers.

What is an antonym for operation?

operation. Antonyms: cessation, inaction, rest, inoperativeness, inefficacy, inefficiency, misoperation.