What is a graduate diploma equivalent to?

a graduate diploma is the equivalent of one year of full-time study, and. a master’s by coursework may take between one year and two years of full-time study and usually (although not always) includes a research component.

Is UQ hard to get into?

UQ has really high academic standards and it is really hard to get a grade above an 85% (about as hard as it is to get a grade above a 95% in the States). Additionally, as a study abroad student it can often be difficult to fit into the social life of a direct enrollment program.

How much does a bachelor of commerce cost UQ?

Indicative undergraduate fees for Australian students

Bachelor degree (unless otherwise stated) Duration (years) Average annual 2022 fee (AUD$) CSP
Commerce 3 $14,500
Commerce (Honours) 1 $14,500
Communication 3 $14,089
Communication (Honours) 1 $11,834

Can I do Masters after graduate diploma?

No you cant do masters degree after diploma. Diploma is equal to 12 ,you need to complete degree, after degree ,you can do master degree.

What is UQ known for?

UQ has a strong focus on teaching excellence, having won more Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) than any other in the country and attracting the majority of Queensland’s highest academic achievers, as well as top interstate and overseas students.

How long is a Commerce degree?

three year
The Bachelor of Commerce is a three year degree program consisting of 24 courses.

Is a PGCert worth it?

A PGCert is a good option for individuals who want to boost their career by taking a vocational course that opens new doors within their current field. You should consider a PGCert if: You want to complete your qualification quickly (15 weeks of full-time study or up to a year part-time).