What is a deffkopta in Star Wars?

A Deffkopta is a rotary-wing aircraft that is often employed by the Orks, particularly Orks who are part of an Ork tribe’s Kult of Speed. These flying machines are the lunatic inventions of Meks that are obsessed with the power of flight, usually in the search for ever greater speed.

How to mount the Kopta on top of a deffcopta?

But who’s to say that you need to mount the vehicle on top of the stem? Assemble the base, stem and all, and then put the Kopta on it. The AoBR (heck, even the old, twin-rotor one) model for the Deffcopta has plenty of little holes and such that you could stick the stem through…

What are the advantages of the deffkopta over the warbike?

The main advantage that the Deffkopta has over its ground-hugging cousin the Warbike is that it is capable of traversing absolutely any type of ground, and while Warbikes can attain great speeds over rolling terrain, the only limit to the Deffkopta’s theoretical velocity is the nerve of the aircraft’s pilot.

What is an Ork deffkopta used for?

A mob of Ork Deffkoptas attacking an Imperial Guard defensive position. The Deffkopta is used mainly as a reconnaissance vehicle, flying out ahead of the rest of the Ork warband and locating victims or targets for the rest of the main Ork horde.

How dangerous are deffkoptas?

Deffkoptas commonly make a hell of a lot of noise, spit out a constant stream of bullets, and frequently kill their pilots within a single solar week of operation. Nevertheless, they are without doubt the fastest and most dangerous way to get an Ork to the front line.

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