What is a Bantha skull?

Fans familiar with the character of Boba Fett may have noticed an unusual red skull shape of a horned beast on his armor’s shoulder pads. Some mistakenly believed it to be a bantha skull, when in actuality it was the skull of a mythosaur.

What does the mythosaur skull mean?

Mythosaurs were a species of animal native to the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. The skull of the mythosaur became the symbol of the Mand’alor—the traditional ruler of all the Mandalorian clans—the planet Mandalore, and of the Mandalorians themselves for generations after.

What is the skull on Boba Fett’s armor?

Mythosaur skull
Boba also wore the symbol of a Mythosaur skull on his armor as well. Boba Fett’s shoulder symbol used to be thought of a Bantha skull. It’s unclear why that legend came to be. It’s more established in licensed/official literature to be a Mythosaur.

What is the symbol on Boba Fett’s chest?

On his chest, Boba has another important, personal symbol. It features what appears to be a wheatsheaf, a red droplet and a letter of some sort.

What is the Mandalorian’s symbol?

The Mandalorian Diamond or “Iron Heart” is a traditional symbol that dates back to before the Mandalorian Excision of 730 BBY. Used by Mandalorian warriors, and the pacifist “New Mandalorians”, the symbol’s meaning has never fully been explained in canon.

Why does Captain Rex have JAIG eyes?

Captain Rex received his Jaig Eyes from the Mandalorian veterans who trained him on Kamino to be an officer. It is a symbol of battle honor to Mandalorians. Rex painted them on his helmet himself.

What clan is deathwatch?

The Death Watch was a Mandalorian terrorist splinter group of warriors that opposed the pacifist government of Mandalore, led by Duchess Satine Kryze, during the Clone Wars.

What is the symbol on the Mandalorian’s armor?

Is Boba Fett a girl?

Boba Fett
Species Human (clone)
Gender Male
Occupation Bounty hunter (formerly) Crime Lord
Affiliation Bounty Hunter’s Guild Mandalorians Confederacy of Independent Systems Krayt’s Claw Galactic Empire Jabba the Hutt

What do Boba Fett’s colors mean?

Red = Honoring a Parent or leader. Black = Justice. Gold = Vengeance. Green = Duty. Blue = Reliability.