What happened to the spy in the suitcase?

The death of an MI6 agent whose naked body was found inside a locked holdall at his London flat is to be reviewed. A year later, in 2013, the Met concluded the 31-year-old had died as a result of an accident. …

What really happened to Gareth Williams?

Mr Williams, 31, from Anglesey, was found dead by police officers inside a zipped holdall at his London flat. The verdict of a 2012 inquest said the death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated”.

What does the MI stand for in MI5 and MI6?

military intelligence
“MI5/MI6” were the original designations when both organisations came under the War Office, now the MOD – “MI” stands for military intelligence. Their official names (acquired in the 30s) are the Security Service (MI5) and SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

Who is the CEO of Gigaclear?

Gareth Williams
Rural full fibre broadband provider Gigaclear announces the appointment of Gareth Williams as its new Chief Executive, starting today. Gareth succeeds Interim Chief Executive Mike Surrey, who will remain with the business until the end of March to ensure an orderly handover.

Who is Gareth Rhys Williams?

Gareth Rhys Williams was most recently Chief Executive Officer of PHS Group, a leading provider of outsourced workplace services in the UK. Prior to that, he was CEO of Capital Safety Group Ltd, since sold to KKR, and CEO of Vitec Group plc, the supplier of broadcast and photographic equipment and services.

How do I contact Gigaclear?

You can contact us by telephoning our customer care team at 01865 591131 or by emailing us at [email protected] or by writing to us at Building One, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 1UQ or by using the form on the ‘Contact us’ page of our website.

What is the government commercial function?

The Government Commercial Function is a cross-government network procuring or supporting the procurement of goods and services for the government.

What happened to MI1 through MI4?

A number of other “MI” branches existed within this directorate (see the FAQ “What happened to MI1 – MI4?”). They were later discontinued or absorbed into other organisations, with the exception of our colleagues in SIS (MI6).

Is there a CIA in England?

The Secret Intelligence Service, often known as MI6, collects Britain’s foreign intelligence. It provides the government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the country. SIS works with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

How did the MI6 spy die?

The MI6 spy found dead in a bag three years ago probably locked himself in the holdall and died as a result of a tragic accident, Scotland Yard has said. Outlining the results of a three-year investigation on Wednesday, the Metropolitan police said Gareth Williams most likely died alone in his flat.

What happened to the spy who locked himself in the bag?

Coroner Fiona Wilcox ruled in May last year that the spy would not have been able to lock himself in the bag and was therefore likely to have died at somebody else’s hands. She concluded: ‘The cause of his death was unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.

Who was the British spy whose body was found padlocked?

The British spy whose body was found padlocked inside a bag in his flat had illegally hacked into secret data on former U.S. president Bill Clinton, it has been revealed. Gareth Williams, 31, was…

How did MI6 track down the Russian mafia?

The technology enabled MI6 to follow money trails from bank accounts in Russia to criminal European gangs. One theory is that Mr Williams had disrupted a mafia ring closely linked to the Russian state. Cars registered to the Russian Embassy were spotted near his Pimlico flat just days before his body was discovered on August 23, 2010.