What happened to Alessandro Serenelli in St Maria Goretti?

Alessandro Serenelli,- Murderer of St. Maria Goretti. Alessandro Serenelli was born into a family well acquainted with poverty and hardship. Shortly after he was born, his own mother attempted to drown him. Several months later, while in a mental asylum, she herself died.

What is the biography of Maria Goretti?

Biography. Maria Goretti was born on October 16, 1890 in Corinaldo, in the Province of Ancona, then in the Kingdom of Italy, to Luigi Goretti and Assunta Carlini, the third of seven children: Antonio (who died in infancy), Angelo, Maria, Mariano (Marino), Alessandro (Sandrino), Ersilia, and Teresa. By the time Maria was five,…

What happened to Luigi Goretti?

The farmland was poor, swampy, mosquito infested, and difficult to work. One day Luigi Goretti was bitten by a mosquito carrying the malaria virus. Tragically, he died eleven days later in 1900. Maria was just nine years old.

What miracles did St Maria Goretti perform?

One of the first miracles attributed to St. Maria Goretti’s intercession, aside from Alessandro’s conversion, was a construction worker who had his foot crushed by a stone. It was unable to be repaired and an amputation was scheduled for the next day.