What does word boy mean?

noun. a male child, from birth to full growth, especially one less than 18 years of age. a young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc. Informal. a grown man, especially when referred to familiarly: He liked to play poker with the boys.

Is there a word boy?

The word boss is both a noun and a verb. In its noun form, a boss is defined as a person who manages others and makes decisions, the person empowered within a company to have authority over others. As a noun, boss itself is not all that bad.

Where did the word boy come from?

Definition, etymology, and use According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a boy is “a male child from birth to adulthood”. The word “boy” comes from Middle English boi, boye (“boy, servant”), related to other Germanic words for boy, namely East Frisian boi (“boy, young man”) and West Frisian boai (“boy”).

What word is used for a boy?

What is another word for boy?

lad youth
youngster schoolboy
stripling child
junior laddie
kid shaver

At what age is a boy called a man?

Generally speaking, the word “boy” would be used when referring to a male under the age of 12, the term “young man” would be used when referring to a male between the ages of 13-17, and simply “man” for a male over the age of 18.

What’s Boymom mean?

At its simplest, a boymom is a mother of boys, and typically only boys. In a moment when bloggers and influencers regularly advertise the gender of their children with surprise, strictly binary flashes of pink or blue, titles like “boymom” or “girlmom” easily get the point across.

What is boss slang for?

Boss has also long been a slang term for “excellent,” with evidence reaching back to the 1880s. To do something like a boss, or “with a swaggering skill,” then, plays with both senses of the word: the conventional one (doing something with authority) and the slang one (and doing it extremely well).

Is there any word like bosses?

OTHER WORDS FOR boss 1 supervisor, head, foreman, chief, superintendent, administrator, overseer.

What exactly is a bimbo?

an attractive but stupid young woman. a foolish, stupid, or inept person. a man or fellow, often a disreputable or contemptible one.

Is bimbo a swear word?

Although the word “bimbo” has sometimes been used to mean a prostitute, the OED says it’s usually used now as a derogatory term for “a young woman considered to be sexually attractive but of limited intelligence.”

How do you call little boy?


  • juvenile,
  • kid,
  • kiddie.
  • (also kiddy),
  • kiddo,
  • minor,
  • moppet,
  • What do you call a British boy?

    Just like the quintessentially American dude, bloke is the stereotypical way of referring to a British man. This word actually dates back to circa-1829 though!