What does FIGO stage IC2 mean?

Cancer is on the outer surface of at least one of the ovaries or fallopian tubes or the capsule (tissue surrounding the tumor) has ruptured (burst) before surgery (which could allow cancer cells to spill into the abdomen and pelvis). This is stage IC2.

What is FIGO stage IIIC?

Answer. Stage IIIC (T3c-N0/N1-M0) involves macroscopic peritoneal metastasis beyond the pelvis more than 2 cm in greatest dimension, with or without metastasis to the retroperitoneal lymph nodes. Stage IIIC includes extension of tumor to the capsule of liver and spleen without parenchymal involvement of either organ.

When using FIGO staging for cancer of the ovary fallopian tube and peritoneum Stage I means?

Doctors assign the stage of cancer using the FIGO system. Stage I: The cancer is only in the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Stage IA: The cancer is only inside 1 ovary or fallopian tube. No cancer is found on the ovarian or fallopian tube surface or in the abdomen.

What does Figo Grade 5 mean?

Endometrial carcinoma It may also take into account how abnormal the cells appear. FIGO grade. Description. 1. 5% or less of tumour tissue is solid tumour growth.

What is the average size of an ovarian tumor?

The average measurement was 4.8 cm in advanced disease, and was 10.7 cm in early stage disease. This difference was statistically significant (p<0.001). Conclusions: Overall, patients with early stage ovarian cancer have diseased ovaries that are more than twice as large as those found in advanced disease.

What is normal ovary size in CC?

Average normal ovarian volume was 5.2 cc (range: 0.8-12.7cc). The average abnormal ovarian volume was 22.2 cc (range 9.6-40cc, median-17cc). Average abnormal to normal ratio was 11.3 (range: 2.8-50, median-3.7).

What are the stages of ovarian cancer?

Stage I – The cancer is confined to one (stage IA) or both (stage IB) ovaries.

  • Stage II – The cancer is inside one or both ovaries and has spread within the pelvic region.
  • Stage III – The cancer involves one or both ovaries and has spread beyond the pelvic region.
  • What is the treatment for Stage 2 ovarian cancer?

    The information on this Web site is intended to help educate you about treatment options and to facilitate a shared decision-making process with your treating physician. The combination of cytoreductive surgery and chemotherapy treatment is the standard of care for treatment of stage II ovarian cancer.

    What is Stage II ovarian cancer?

    Stage II: The cancer involves 1 or both of the ovaries or fallopian tubes and has spread below the pelvis, or it is peritoneal cancer. Stage IIA: The cancer has spread to the uterus and/or fallopian tubes and/or the ovaries. Stage IIB: The cancer has spread to other tissues within the pelvis.

    What does FIGO stage IVB mean?

    FIGO Stage IVB. A FIGO stagetermthat applies to gynecologic cancers. For cervical cancer, it refers to cancer with distantmetastases, including peritonealinvolvement, involvement of the supraclavicularor mediastinal lymph nodes, and metastases to the lung, bone, or liver; for endometrial cancer, it refers to cancer with distant metastases, including metastases to the inguinal lymph nodes, intraperitonealinvolvement, or metastases to the lung, bone, or liver.