What does BlueTec mean on Mercedes?

BlueTec is Mercedes’ brand name for its system of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or, in English, treating the exhaust gas of a diesel engine to reduce its emissions. So, a BlueTec car has the spray system, and a non-BlueTec car does’t.

What can the vitamix E320 do?

Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender Features All blenders can puree, make smoothies, and crush ice. The Vitamix Explorian E320, however, can do those on a whole new level and more! *This will work best with the Dry Grains attachment.

How much does a Mercedes BlueTEC cost?

The fuel-efficient ML250 BlueTEC starts at about $51,000. If you’re looking for more power, the twin-turbo V6 in the ML400 provides it at a price of about $64,000, while the ML63 AMG and its twin-turbo V8 engine cost a cool $99,500.

Can the Vitamix E320 make hot soup?

The Vitamix E320 is slightly more powerful with a 2.2 HP motor than the Vitamix E310, however they can both make soup hot in about 6 minutes starting with cold water or broth.

Is the BlueTec e320 a hard-riding car?

The hard-riding E320 BlueTec doesn’t feel comfortable during enthusiastic maneuvers. Turn-in is sloppy, grip is iffy and mid-corner bumps are deeply unsettling. It’s an unconscionable compromise. To gain widespread domestic acceptance, diesel cars need to capture the hearts of America’s automotive alphas.

Does the Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec have hands-free calling?

Like the E550 and the S550, the Mercedes E320 BlueTec does come with the option of hands-free calling.

What kind of audio system does the 2007 Mercedes E320 Bluetec have?

The 2007 E320 BlueTec comes with Mercedes’ premium 12-speaker 420-watt Harman Kardon digital surround-sound audio system, which is hooked up to a six-disc in-dash changer capable of playing CDs and MP3 and WMA discs.

How does the Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec compare to the BMW M5?

Here’s a number for you: With 400 pound-feet on tap, the Mercedes-Benz E320 BlueTec diesel has 17 more pound-feet of torque than a BMW M5. That’s something of a wild-ass comparison, though, because the diesel E320 produces only 208 horsepower—292 fewer than the BMW and 60 fewer than a gasoline E350.