What did Bernice Pauahi Bishop do?

Hawaiian Princess and Philanthropist. Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop was a Hawaiian princess and the last direct descendant of the Royal House of Kamehameha. Her bequest endowed the Kamehameha Schools, which specializes in educating the children of native Hawaiians.

Why did pauahi create Kamehameha Schools?

With that decline came a loss of Hawaiian language, culture and traditions. She believed education would offer her people hope and a future, so she left her estate — about nine percent of the total acreage of the Hawaiian kingdom — to found Kamehameha Schools.

How did Kamehameha Schools start?

History. In 1883, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, a member of the Hawaiian Royal Family, directed in her will, after naming heirs for gifts of money and land, that the remainder of her estate be held in trust to create the Kamehameha Schools. After Bishop’s death in 1884, her husband Charles Reed Bishop carried out her will.

Where did pauahi go to school?

Royal Elementary School
Bernice Pauahi Bishop/Education

What does Kamehameha mean in English?

Kamehameha is actually Hawaiian. In fact, it’s the name of a former Hawaiian King. It translates to “the very lonely one” or “the one set apart”. In Japanese, it means “Turtle Destruction Wave”. Some people have translates it to “Turtle Shock Wave”.

What is Bernice Pauahi Bishop known for?

Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop (December 19, 1831 – October 16, 1884), born Bernice Pauahi Pākī, was an aliʻi (noble) of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Hawaii and a well known philanthropist.

Who was Princess Bernice Bishop?

Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop was a woman of intelligence, compassion and foresight who understood that her kuleana as a Hawaiian ali‘i was to serve her people. Pauahi Pākī was born on December 19, 1831 in Honolulu, Hawai‘i to high chiefs Abner Pākī and Laura Kōnia Pākī.

What happened to Pauahi Bishop’s Estate?

At her death, her estate was the largest private landownership in the Hawaiian Islands, comprising approximately 9% of Hawaii’s total area. The revenues from these lands are used to operate the Kamehameha Schools, which were established in 1887 according to Pauahi’s will. Pauahi was married to businessman and philanthropist Charles Reed Bishop .

How did Bernice Pauahi fund the Kamehameha Schools?

These lands were incorporated after Pauahi’s death into the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates, which funds the Kamehameha Schools to the present day. Bishop wished that a portion of her estate be used “to erect and maintain in the Hawaiian Islands two schools…one for boys and one girls, to be known as, and called the Kamehameha Schools.”