What clamps do I need for cabinets?

Pipe clamps are a mainstay of cabinet makers. As a budget friendly clamp they work great for larger projects and offer up a cheap way to glue wood panels.

What is a Cabinet master?

Cabinet Master 90-Degree Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp is a cabinetmaker’s best friend. Its large plastic jaws distribute clamping pressure over wide areas and stay parallel to assure square corners and prevent workpieces from bowing or lifting.

What are pony clamps used for?

Pony Hold-down clamp Designed to rotate a full 360 degrees around the holding bolt, the Pony hold‑down clamp can be used on any wood or metal surface. This heavy‑duty woodworking clamp also has a unique square‑head screw that can be tightened or loosened with a wrench.

What is a lightweight steel bar clamp used for?

Crafted from strong, lightweight steel bars and with a multiple‑disc‑clutch design, these clamps ensure a stable clamping surface at any point along the bar.

Where are Jorgensen clamps made?

The Chicago based Pony Tools Inc. which was established in 1903 is the manufacturer of all Jorgensen Bar Clamps. The JORGENSEN Style 3700-HD Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamps are made with U.S. and foreign parts in our Chicago factory.

What is parallel clamp?

A Parallel Clamp is a fastening device used to securely hold objects together, to avoid any movement or separation. There are so many helpful options when it comes to clamps for your project. Each clamp has a specific purpose and function that separates it from the others.

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