What caste is pramanik in Bengali?

I hope I served with your requirement. No, they are OBC (other backward class) in West Bengal. Most probably not. Pramanik are barber caste.

Which surnames are under SC caste?

According to information available, there are 1108 castes under the Scheduled Castes (SC).

  • Ajola, Ahlawat, Azad.
  • Beradiya, Bag, Bhyan, Bhoi, Bharti, Bhatoa, Bhatti, Bangar,
  • Basra, Bhutta, Badhan, Bhardwaj, Bassan,
  • Chavda, Chauhan, Choudhary, Chhatria, Chumber, Choor.
  • Das, Dalabehera, Dehury, Das, Duggal, Dhirana, Dugh.

What is the caste of barbers?

Nai, Sanskrit Nāī, also spelled Nhāvī, the barber caste, which is widespread in northern India. Because of the ambulatory nature of the profession, which requires going to patrons’ houses, the barber plays an important part in village life, spreading news and matchmaking.

Are Kayastha intelligent?

Kayasthas are known to be very intelligent and clever, and the following story illustrates this : In the reign of Wajid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Avadh, in the mid 19th century, there was an elderly Kayastha ( let us call him Shrivastava ) who was a clerk in charge of disbursing salaries to the Avadh state officials.

Which caste is Das in Odisha?

In Odisha, the ‘Das’ surname is used by the Gopal and Karan castes, also ‘Dash’ is used by the Brahmins. It is also used by some brahmins and rajputs in general.

What is Gopal caste in Odisha?

Gopal or Gauda is an Indian caste, which is a synonym of the Ahir (Yadav) caste from Odisha State in East India. Their traditional occupation is dairy farming, cattle-herding, cultivation and palanquin bearing.

Which caste is Verma in Haryana?

Verma is title – It’s used by nearby every caste . Verma mainly used by Sunar and Lohar . But they are also used by Rajput , Jaat , Khatris/ Arora , Bhramin , Kaysatha , Gujjar , Chamar , Khati etc . Sunar , Lohar, Khati , Gujjar are mainly in OBC , Chamar are SC , Jats in OBC in some states and General in Haryana and Punjab .

Are Pramanik Brahmins in the Scheduled Caste?

Most probably not.Pramanik are barber caste. In every ritual,marriga,shradh they are required. Hence they were kept outside of untouchable s. However what is Govt view point ,whether they have been included in scheduled caste that I don’t know.

What is the caste of Rajesh Verma (MP Sitapur)?

Rajesh Verma (MP Sitapur) belongs to Kurmi community (OBC) but current District Magistrate of Sitapur Mrs. Sheetal Verma ( IAS) belongs to SC community. Beni Prasad Verma is another prominent politician from Kurmi community .

Where is the surname Verma used in India?

But anyway, as it is listed – it needs to be responded. Verma is a surname used across the country now. You will find them in Punjab,Rajasthan , MP, UP, Bihar, Odisha, Bengal and also Kerala. Except UP and Bihar, where it is also being used by OBCs – it is generally a higher caste, mostly Kayasthas and Kshtriyas.