What are the ingredients of a wagon wheel?

Wheat Flour (with Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin and Thiamin), Chocolate Flavoured Coating (24%) (Sugar, Vegetable Fats (Sustainable palm kernel, Sustainable palm, Shea), Dried Whey (Milk), Fat reduced cocoa powder, Emulsifiers (E476, Soya Lecithin)), Mallow (22%) (Glucose syrup, Gelling agent (Beef gelatine), Acidity …

What biscuits is in a wagon wheel?

What are Wagon Wheels? This iconic Australian chocolate biscuit consists of two shortbread biscuits sandwiched between a raspberry jam and marshmallow filling and then covered in a glossy chocolate coating.

What Flavour is the jam in a wagon wheel?

This product from brand Burtons consists of milk chocolate covered biscuits with a marshmallow and raspberry/apple flavoured jam filling. There is more of the marshmallow filling on the left side of each individually wrapped Jammie Wagon Wheel and the jam filling on the right side.

What is the coating on Wagon Wheels?

They consist of two biscuits that form a sandwich with a marshmallow filling, and they are covered with a chocolate-flavoured coating….Wagon Wheels.

Wagon Wheel
Type Snack food
Invented 1948
Main ingredients Marshmallow, chocolate-flavoured coating
Variations Jammie, Toffee, Double Choc, Caramel, Banoffee, Orange

Do Wagon Wheels contain milk?

Contains: Milk, Soya, Wheat. Free From: Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, Genetically Modified Ingredients.

What kind of gelatin is in wagon wheels?

For specifics on each product, please refer to the product page on the Dare website. For Dare products that do contain gelatin, the gelatin is derived from pork except for the Ultimate Cinnamon Danish cookies, which are made using kosher beef gelatin.

What is the coating on wagon wheels?

Do Wagon Wheels contain gelatine?

No, unfortunately, Wagon Wheels that you can buy from the shop aren’t suitable for vegans as they contain gelatin that allows the marshmallow to become firm and the chocolate coating includes milk.

Did Wagon Wheels used to be bigger?

There have been many debates amongst fans of the biscuit about its size. Wagon Wheels have supposedly shrunk in size over time, but Burton’s Foods Ltd has denied this. This caused the overall diameter of the biscuit to shrink slightly, but not as much as fans of the biscuit believe.