What are the dimensions of a DVD case?

DVD Case Dimensions

DVD Case Insert Dimensions
Standard Slim
7.28” x4.94” inner insert; 7.125” x 10.75” outer entrapment

How big is a Blu Ray case?

They are constructed out of polypropylene plastic. A single case measures 135mm wide, 171.5mm high, and 13mm thick. Inner case booklets allow for a maximum of approximately 20 pages with a 4.75-inch-wide and 5.9 inches high.

Why are DVD cases so big?

Feedback from retailers made short work of eliminating the jewel case for DVDs, and it was quickly determined all DVDs by the major studios would be released in larger cases, approximately 190 x 135 mm in size with thickness varied according to how many discs were inside.

How big are CD cases CM?

It is a three-piece plastic case, measuring 142 by 125 by 10 millimetres (5.59 in × 4.92 in × 0.39 in), a volume of 177.5 cubic centimetres (10.83 cu in), which usually contains a compact disc along with the liner notes and a back card.

What is the size of a Blu-Ray DVD in gigabytes?


Reverse side of a Blu-ray. Unlike CD and DVD, the reflection has a blue hue.
Capacity 25 GB (single-layer), 50 GB (dual-layer) 100, 128 GB (BDXL) Up to four layers are possible in a standard form BD.
Block size 2 KB sector, 64 KB ECC-block
Read mechanism 405 nm diode laser, 36 Mbit/s

Are DVD and Blu-Ray the same size?

Blu-ray discs are the same size as the CDs and DVDs that came before them, but they can’t be played by CD or DVD players – you need a specific Blu-ray disc drive for that. The largest DVDs available can store up to 4.7 GB of data on a single layer disc, or 8.5 GB with a double layer.

What is a 1.85 1 aspect ratio?

One of the two standard aspect ratios in modern cinema, 1.85:1 is regarded as the normal widescreen format and is actually quite similar in size to 16:9. Though this ratio is most common for feature films, many TV shows striving for a cinematic look also shoot in 1.85:1.

A DVD case’s closed dimensions are 190mm by 135mm with a standard width for single cases at approximately 14mm. Widths may vary depending on if it’s a slimmer version or if it holds multiple discs per case. Consumers can purchase blank and empty DVD cases to customize a media project or replace a broken package.

What is the weight of a standard DVD case?

A DVD weighs just 0.58 ounces on average (0.016 kg). The case that holds the DVD weighs around 2.37 ounces (0.067 kg). A single-sided DVD disc can store up to 4.7 gb of data and a dual-layer DVD can store up to 8.5 gb of data. DVDs very quickly replaced VHS.

What is the size OS a DVD case?

The standard DVD case size is 184 mm х 130 mm (7.2 in × 5.1 in) and 14 mm (0.6 in) thick. The case provides proper protection for the disks and holds them fast, no matter what happens. The plastic which is used for keep case is much softer and less rigid than the one used for jewel cases. Thus the box is much more durable and lasting.

What is the length and width of a CD case?

The standard dimensions of a CD case are 5.59 inches long by 4.92 inches wide and 0.39 inch deep. Inasmuch as some CD cases are designed to hold more than one CD, the case depth varies. On the other hand, the length and width of cases rarely vary.