What are synonyms for nutrient?

Synonyms & Antonyms of nutrient

  • nourishing,
  • nutritional,
  • nutritious,
  • nutritive.

What is the most nutrient dense snack?

Yogurt, milk, and fruit were the most nutrient-dense snack categories, while ice cream, pies and cakes, and carbonated regular soft drinks were the most nutrient-poor snacks.

What is nutrition called in Sanskrit?

Mitahara is a Sanskrit combination word, from Mita (मित, moderate) and Ahara (आहार, taking food, diet), which together mean moderate diet. In Yoga and other ancient texts, it represents a concept linking nutrition to the health of one’s body and mind.

What is the antonym of nutrient?

What is the opposite of nutrient?

unhealthy unwholesome
insalubrious noxious
unhealthful putrid
rotten unhygienic

How do you describe dense?

dense, thick, and compact mean having parts that are gathered tightly together. dense is used of something in which the parts are very close together. They lost their way in the dense forest. thick is used of something that has many small parts that form a single mass.

What is another word for heavy and dense?

What is another word for dense?

thick compact
crammed firm
impenetrable thickset
compacted heavy
impregnable overgrown

What do you mean by avidya?

Avidyā is a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning is ignorance, misconceptions, misunderstandings, incorrect knowledge, and it is the opposite of Vidya.

What is organic called in Sanskrit?

Organic: जैव (This is word is a derivation from the word जीव (living) – meaning “livingness” and this can be used) जैविक (This is word is a derivation from the word जीव (living) – meaning “livingness” and this can also be used)

What’s the opposite of protein?

What is the opposite of protein?

inorganic molecule non-biological molecule
non-organic molecule simple molecule