Was Armilus a Jew?

Armilus is variously described in the Jewish sources as the incarnation of the Soton himself, or his son – and he’s definitely a big, leading player for the forces of evil. But in terms of actually being a ‘Jew’, at least in name?

Is Armilus Satan’s last battle?

“Kabbalistic texts state that Satan will lead one last battle in the End of Days, against Mashiach. He will come as the dreaded Armilus. In Sefer Zerubavel, Armilus is identified with Satan himself in bodily form, while in Nistarot d’Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, he is the son of Satan.

What happens to Nechemiah in the Book of armelius?

Outraged, Armelius will mobilize an international army and wage a terrible war against the Jewish people. Thousands of Jews will be killed, including Nechemiah, who will die in the afternoon…. The Jewish survivors will flee into the wilderness. For forty-five days, they will survive on grass.