Is there any train between India and Sri Lanka?

The Boat Mail or Indo-Ceylon Express is a combined train and steamer ferry service between India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)….Boat Mail.

Distance travelled 665 km (413 mi)
Average journey time 13 hours
Service frequency Daily
Train number(s) 16851/16852

Can I go Sri Lanka by train?

If you’re interested to know how to reach Sri Lanka by train, unfortunately, there is no land connection from India to Sri Lanka. The most-used method of transport is the regular ferry service between Talaimannar Port and Rameshwaram Port, a distance of nearly 50km.

What is the longest railway tunnel in Sri Lanka?

Singha Malai Tunnel
Singha Malai Tunnel or Poolbank Tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in Sri Lanka. There are 46 tunnels along the Main Line between Colombo and Badulla….Singha Malai Tunnel.

Owner Sri Lanka Railways
Traffic rail
Design engineer Guilford Lindsey Molesworth

What is the cost of sleeper class?

Here are 10 things to know about Indian Railways ticket booking charges:

Class Reservation Fee Supplementary charges for Superfast trains
AC Chair Car Rs. 40 Rs 45
Sleeper (Mail/Express) Rs. 20 Rs 30
Second Sitting (Mail/Express) Rs. 15 Rs 15
Sleeper (Ordinary) Rs. 20 —-

What is the official website of Sri Lanka Railway Department? The Sri Lanka Railway Department (more commonly known as Sri Lanka Railways (SLR)) (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා දුම්රිය සේවය Śrī Laṃkā Dumriya Sēvaya; Tamil: இலங்கை புகையிரத சேவை) is Sri Lanka’s railway owner and primary operator. As part of the Sri Lankan government, it is overseen by the Ministry of Transport.

Where can I book Sri Lanka train tickets?

You can order Sri Lanka train tickets from, a reliable agency specialising in rail & bus booking throughout Southeast Asia and already popular for train bookings Thailand and Vietnam.

What are the different types of trains in Sri Lanka?

Train types 1 Intercity express: Among the fastest trains, with few stops. Passengers get special tickets and pay a premium. 2 Night mail: Night-time express trains with freight transport 3 Express: Links Colombo and major transport hubs 4 Suburban: Stops at each station on the route

How fast does the Sri Lankan Railways run?

Sri Lanka Railways began partnering with ExpoRail and Rajadhani Express in 2011 for premium service on major routes. Its northern line, affected by almost three decades of war, is being rebuilt; in 2015, it was restored to Jaffna and Kankesanthurai at pre-war levels The maxiumum speed on this line is currently 120Km/h (74mph)..