Is the Zoom R24 any good?

I have to say, the Zoom R24 is fantastic, as advertised it works independently, as well as connected to the computer. Independently. Its plug and play, all 8 inputs take either XLR (mic inputs) or Quarter Inch (guitar inputs), you plug in, start a project & hit record, that simple.

How do I connect Zoom R24 to Cubase?

Connect the USB cable to the R24. Connect the USB cable to the computer. When using the R24 connected by USB as an audio interface, the R24 keys and faders can be used to control Cubase LE’s transport and mixer.

What is Cubase LE?

Cubase LE™ offers powerful yet easy-to-use software tools for audio recording, editing, MIDI sequencing and mixing — exclusive to customers of selected hardware. Its vast range of proven editing and sequencing tools can be used for a large range of music styles and areas of application.

What is the boss BR 800 and how does it work?

Just like Zoom R24, Boss BR 800 is portable, light-weight and easy to operate. It offers onboard rhythm programming and many onboard effects that can be recorded as one of the input signals.

What is Zoom R24 and how does it work?

To make it simpler, Zoom R24 is a 24-track recorder with mixing tools that can be used as a multi-channel computer audio interface and control surface; loop-sampling features, drum samples, and a sequencer for creating rhythm tracks; looping ability; good selection of amp sims; and a pair of built-in mics, so you don’t need to carry a mic with you.

Is the boss R16 buzz similar to the Boss Me 80?

But FWIW, a similar buzz is present in Boss ME 80 multieffect sounds (which costs almost as much as the R16), *unless* you drive it through a cabinet (simulated or real).

How many tracks does the zoom R16 recorder have?

With a total of 24 tracks, the recorder also features a top-notch pad sampler, a DAW control surface, a rhythm machine, and a computer audio interface. This model is basically an upgrade to the previously discussed Zoom R16. The upgrade features a sampler and a drum machine as well.