Is the Yoder YS640 worth it?

Yoder YS640 Review Conclusion This unit is loaded with features for everyone who loves to cook, from an accurate temperature control panel to quick heating, a variable damper, and over 1,000 square of cooking space. Even though it’s more pricey than the competition, it delivers excellent value.

How hot can the Yoder YS640 get?

150-degrees to 600-degrees
14: What’s the temperature range? The temperature range for the 480 or 640 pellet grill is from 150-degrees to 600-degrees.

What pellets does Yoder recommend?

BBQR’s Delight pellets are the very best quality for your Yoder, for burn time & performance for your Yoder. BBQR’s Delight pellets blend their Hickory & Fruit-woods with red and white oak, which doesn’t have much flavor on its own, but it sure gives a beautiful color and a clean burn.

How much does a Yoder ys640 cost?


Is a Yoder smoker better than a Traeger?

Hence, the Yoder has the potential for much better grilling/searing/broiling performance over the Traeger. In terms of the Yoder control panel itself, it is a PID/WiFi controller. Hence, like the Traeger, it can offer temperature accuracy to within 5 degrees.

Can you grill on a Yoder?

Yes, there are three ways that you can cook on an offset cooker: A grill grate is provided for the firebox and an optional charcoal grate can be added to covert the cooking chamber to a direct grill.

What does the damper do on a Yoder smoker?

With the damper pushed all of the way in the left half of the grill will run hotter, when positioned all the way out (open) the right end of the grill will run hotter.

Where are Yoder smokers made?

the US
Yoder manufactures its products in the US, and the quality of its workmanship is one of its main selling points. In Yoder’s words, “people who really know BBQ recognize the quality workmanship we put into our line of smoker pits,” and it is true that their smokers have seen a lot of success on the competition circuit.

How much does a Yoder ys640 weight?

418 lbs.
Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill with ACS on Competition Cart Features. Weight: 418 lbs.