Is the original General Lee car still around?

Approximately 17 originals still exist, although in various states of repair. On average, more than one General Lee was used up per show. When filming a jump, anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pounds (230 to 450 kg) of sand bags or concrete ballast was placed in the trunk to prevent the car from nosing over.

What is the General Lee car worth?


Vehicle: 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee”
Years Produced: 1969
Number Produced: 89,200 total. 309 General Lees were built for the original TV show. At least 26 were built for the 2005 remake.
Original List Price: $3,839
SCM Valuation: $30k–$45k (Charger R/T), $55k–$70k (this car)

How many General Lee cars were destroyed?

Somewhere between 256 and 321 “General Lee” cars were created and mostly destroyed during the series. Fewer than 20 in various states of disrepair still exist. Despite popular belief, there were no 1970 Chargers used in the series according to all the car builders.

Where is the original General Lee today?

Volo Auto Museum
The Dodge Charger car, known as the General Lee after the head of the southern forces during America’s civil war, is in the Volo Auto Museum about 50 miles (80km) north-west of Chicago.

Does Bubba Watson own a General Lee?

Bubba Watson confirmed that he still owns the General Lee and said that he’d like to donate the car to a museum.

Does John Schneider still have a General Lee?

Not the General Lee! John Schneider, star of The Dukes of Hazzard, has suffered a tremendous loss as Hurricane Ida severely damaged his personal General Lee. Trees fell on top of the iconic Dodge Charger as well as Schneider’s Louisiana home and studio, which are filled with Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia.

How many General Lees does John Schneider own?

John Schneider had one General Lee on his property in Louisiana when Ida came roaring through. A tree crushed General Lee in an almost picture-perfect scenario. What happened to this famous car since filming, and what other vehicles were involved in the show?