Is Norfolk Black the best turkey?

The Norfolk Black is widely regarded as one of the oldest turkey breeds. It is a slightly slower growing bird, but has a fantastic flavour that is slightly gamey to taste. A truly unbeatable natural product full of taste and quality.

Can you get a black turkey?

Black turkeys were bred with native wild turkeys to form the founding stock for the American variety. The American Poultry Association accepted the standard for the Black in 1874.

How many eggs does a black Spanish turkey lay?

Egg consumption – heritage turkeys are not big egg layers, they can lay up to 60-80 eggs a year and seasonally (Spring to Summer).

What is a Bronze turkey crown?

Our free range bronze turkeys are a traditional slower growing breed, specially selected for their full flavour and succulent texture. The traditional bronze turkey breed has dark feathers which when plucked may leave small coloured marks on the skin. The plump turkey crown comes from one of our free range flocks.

What is a black turkey crown?

Turkey crowns are an ideal alternative to a larger bird if you are not partial to the darker meat. Our crowns are supplied without legs and rear underside thigh and no dark meat. All crowns still have wings and front underside to aid with cooking and stability for carving.

How do I cook a Norfolk black turkey?

Preheat the oven at 180oC (350oF), Gas Mark 4. Loosen or remove the trussing string from your turkey. Place turkey in a roasting tin and season well salt and pepper….Cooking times

  1. Under 4.5kg: 45 minutes per kg plus 20 minutes.
  2. Between 4.5kg and 6.5kg: 40 minutes per kg.
  3. Over 6.5kg: 35 minutes per kg.

Are black turkeys good eating?

In this variety’s heyday, it was a good producer of flavorful meat. Meat quality from this bird is still good, but some lines have better meat producers than others. If the birds come from lines with larger turkeys, you should have a nicely dressed out bird of good size.

How many does a 2.5 kg turkey crown feed?

6 people
A turkey crown (2-2.5kg) will feed 6 people. A small turkey (3-4.5kg) will feed 6-8 people. A medium turkey (4-5kg) will feed 8-10 people.

Are Sainsburys turkeys free range?

Sainsbury’s So Organic free range turkeys area slower grown bronze breed, specially selected for a tasty succulent meat, rich in flavour. The birds are free to roam on British farms that meet organic standards of welfare.

Where can I buy all natural Turkey wholesale?

Purchase Non-GMO All-Natural Turkey Wholesale From Sunrise Farms. Easily purchase frozen and seasonal fresh all-natural turkey wholesale.

Where do blue slate turkeys come from?

Past breeding is thought to be derived from the Spanish Black turkey of USA and the Norfolk Black in England. The Blue Slate turkey makes an excellent forager and backyard/farm turkey.

Why choose a Norfolk free range Turkey from Godwick?

If you want a great tasting turkey at Christmas then order a Norfolk free range turkey from Godwick. We can guarantee the quality and that they are reared the way they should be.

Why buy a black Turkey?

For the avid turkey breeder, small homesteader, or poultry fancier, the Black Turkey works for many reasons. In the 1500s, explorers returned to England with turkeys from Mexico.