Is Keystone 65 a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Keystone 65 Basic Rx (HMO) is a HMO Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan offered by Independence Health Group, Inc.. Plan ID: H3952-055.

What kind of plan is Keystone 65?

Keystone 65 Focus Rx HMO (Keystone 65 Focus) is an Independence Blue Cross (Independence) Medicare Advantage HMO benefit product. Independence offers Medicare Advantage Plans in PA to those who reside in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester counties (i.e., the Independence five-county service area).

Does Keystone 65 require referrals?

Note: As of January 1, 2018, Independence members in our Medicare Advantage HMO plans (i.e., Keystone 65 Focus HMO, Keystone 65 Preferred HMO, Keystone 65 Select HMO, and Keystone 65 Basic HMO) no longer need referrals to see a specialist.

How does Medicaid work with Medicare Advantage plans?

If both Medicare and Medicaid cover a benefit, Medicare will pay first, and Medicaid will pay last the remaining costs after employer-sponsored insurance and/or a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plan have paid.

Is Keystone Health Plan East an HMO?

Keystone Health Plan East is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This is a managed care program. Coverage is available when your care is provided or referred by a Keystone primary care physician (PCP).

What is IBC Keystone HMO POS? Keystone Point-of-Service lets you maintain freedom of choice by allowing you to select your own doctors and hospitals. You maximize your coverage by having care provided or referred by your primary care physician (PCP).

Is Keystone a Medicaid?

Keystone First is Pennsylvania’s largest Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health plan serving more than 400,000 Medical Assistance recipients in southeastern Pennsylvania including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Is Keystone Health Plan East the same as Independence Blue Cross?

With a Keystone Health Plan East HMO from Independence Blue Cross, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital in the Keystone Health Plan East network. You pick a primary care physician (PCP), or family doctor, to coordinate your care.

What is the new Keystone 65 focus plan?

Keystone 65 Focus Rx (HMO-POS) H3952-053 is a 2020 Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part-C plan by Keystone 65 HMO available to residents in Pennsylvania. This plan includes additional Medicare prescription drug (Part-D) coverage.

What is Keystone 65 focus?

Keystone 65 Focus Rx HMO Medicare Advantage HMO Defined Network Product. Instead, the Keystone 65 Focus network is a subset of this existing network, consisting of more than 23,000 participating providers and approximately two dozen acute care hospitals primarily located in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester counties.

What is Keystone Health Plan?

Keystone Health Plan East, Inc. operates as a health maintenance organization (HMO) and provides medical benefits through doctors and hospitals. The company was incorporated in 1986 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Keystone Health Plan East, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Independence Blue Cross, Inc.