Is Hindi compulsory in Ras exam?

It is to be noted that the candidates can answer all the papers of the RPSC RAS exam (Pre and Main) in either English or Hindi language. However, candidates must avoid the use of both languages in one paper, unless they are asked to do so.

Which language is better for Ras exam?

It depends on the language you are comfortable in, if by instinct for any question you think the answer in Hindi and then convert it to english and reply it is better you take examination Hindi (or any other language) because in mains you will not have the time to convert and it will decrease your efficiency as well as …

Which stream is best for Ras?

As far as RAS goes- the subject/degree with most topics related to RAS or any other administrative services would be that of ARTS as you can check from syllabus of both RPSC or UPSC. The topics included in syllabus are from Arts domain.

How many attempts do you get in Ras?

The RPSC RAS examination takes place in three stages: preliminary exam, mains exam, and the interview stage….Important Links.

Age 21 years to 40 years
Number of Attempts Until the maximum age is attained for each category
Experience No prior training required

Can we write RAS in English?

In RAS Mains, can I write few questions in English, some of them in Hindi? As per RAS 2018 notification, All papers shall be answered either in Hindi or in English, but no candidate shall be permitted to answer any one paper partly in Hindi and partly in English unless specifically allowed to do so.

Is there any interview in Ras?

Only the candidates who qualify RPSC RAS Mains Exam will be called for interview round. The RPSC RAS Interview/Personality test consists of 100 Marks in total. The final merit list will be based on the marks scored in Mains Exam and Interview round.

Can I give RAS in English?

RPSC RAS Exam Pattern: Important Points Some of the points that candidates should keep in mind regarding RPSC RAS exam pattern are: All the papers (Pre and Main) can be answered in English or Hindi language. However, candidates are not allowed to answer a paper partly in Hindi and English, unless specified to do so.

How many RAS are selected every year?

In RAS 2018, around 4,97,045 candidates had registered for the examination, out of which, 3,76,762 candidates (75.8%) appeared for the preliminary examination that was held on August 5 at 1,454 centres for recruitment to 980 vacancies in various government offices in the state.

What is Ras age limit?

For RAS Exam 2021, the age limit is: Minimum Age – 21 years (as on 01/01/2022) Maximum Age – 40 years (as on 01/01/2022)

Which is best coaching for Ras?

2 Let us get on with the Best RAS Institutes in Rajasthan then:

  • 2.1 1. The Thought Tree.
  • 2.2 2. Borthakur’s IAS Academy.
  • 2.3 3. Spring Board Academy.
  • 2.4 4. Rau’s IAS Study Circle.
  • 2.5 5. SMS Coaching Institute.
  • 2.6 6. Chanakya IAS Academy.
  • 2.7 7. Parishkar Coaching Institute.
  • 2.8 8. Zenith Education.

Can Ras become collector?

RAS officers start service as assistant collector and executive magistrate in training period. After that they are posted as additional district collector and additional district magistrate or additional Divisional Commissioner till their induction in Indian Administrative Service by promotion.

What is RAS officer age limit?

What is the Ras mains 2018 exam pattern?

In the new exam pattern of RAS Exam, the Maths based questions have been removed from RAS Mains. This change was introduced in 2018, and the upcoming RAS Mains 2018 will be held as per the new pattern. The first stage of the RAS exam is the Prelims. The RAS Pre Exam is a screening test which shortlists candidates for the Main stage of the exam.

What is the pattern of the RPSC Ras preliminary exam?

RPSC RAS Preliminary Exam Pattern The RPSC RAS Pre exam is a screening test that contains objective-type multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of 200 marks. Screening test basically means that marks obtained by candidates in the preliminary exam are not counted at the time of preparation of the final RPSC RAS exam merit list.

What is the Ras pre exam?

The RAS Pre Exam is a screening test which shortlists candidates for the Main stage of the exam. Unlike the UPSC IAS Prelims, the RAS Pre consists of only one paper. RAS Pre Exam Pattern See the RAS Eligibility Criteria here.

Is it difficult to prepare for the Ras exam in Rajasthan?

It is not very difficult to prepare for the RAS Examination given you have the right strategy to prepare for the Rajasthan Administrative Services exam. The examination pattern is inclined towards the UPSC exam pattern and various topics included in the RAS exam syllabus are also broadly covered in the IAS exam.