Is Frost Mage good for PVP?

Frost Mage Strengths in PvP Abilities such as Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Blizzard, and Frostbolt provide roots and slows, allowing the Frost Mage to provide some of the best Crowd Control in PvP.

What Covenant is best for Mage PVP?

Night Fae
Night Fae is the best Covenant to choose. This gives you strong abilities that can reduce the cooldown of your abilities and give you strong kiting potential. Combustion while Night Fae allows you to have more mobility and have shorter cooldowns. Most mages opt for Night Fae, however Kyrian can be situationally good.

How good is disciplinary command?

Disciplinary Command is a Legendary effect that greatly increases your Critical Strike damage after using a Frost, Arcane and Fire spell within 10 seconds. It does not matter in what order you cast these, as long as all 3 schools have been cast in the last 10 seconds.

Are frost mages good in PvP?

Content of the Guide 1. Frost Mages are typically one of the best specs in PvP. Mages not only excel at getting crowd control and relentlessly slowing enemies, but they also have great burst damage. With short burst cooldowns and strong crowd control, Frost Mages are capable of controlling entire teams. One Polymorph can turn an entire game around.

What are the best talents for a frost Mage?

Conflict and Strife is another great choice for Frost Mages. Conflict gives you Temporal Shield as a baseline ability. Because Temporal Shield is used in almost every matchup, this will free up a PvP talent and give you more choices.

How do you deal with crowd control as a frost Mage?

Druids are difficult to get crowd control on as a Frost Mage, and Ring of Frost helps with this. Assistance from a teammate (such as a Rogue stunning the Druid) will make it easier. Against any other healer, Frigid Winds is the best choice in this tier. This will help keep your enemies from kiting away from your team’s damage.

What are the best trinkets for a frost Mage?

In general, Frost Mages want to get trinkets that line up well with Ray of Frost or Icy Veins. These trinkets can have a passive or on-use effect. The stat you want to be increasing is Intellect. The reason you want to increase Intellect is because it drastically increases your overall damage output.