Is Apollo and Conbraco the same?

About Apollo Valves: Conbraco Industries was created when two Detroit-based manufacturers of brass valves and fittings merged in 1928 forming Consolidated Brass Company. Conbraco, now known as Apollo® Valves, has earned a reputation for developing new products to meet emerging market demands.

Who Manufactures Apollo valves?

Conbraco Industries, Inc.
In a turning point for the company, Conbraco Industries, Inc., produced and marketed the first “Apollo” bronze ball valve, better known as our 70 series valve, in 1968. A revolutionary innovation at the time, the product, named for the Apollo space mission, took off like a rocket.

Where are Apollo ball valves made?

Nearly all Apollo® valves are produced in U.S. facilities that are second to none in the industry, including ISO-registered, state-of-the-art foundries and manufacturing facilities in Pageland and Conway, S.C. The company’s headquarters is located in Matthews, N.C.

Are Apollo ball valves domestic?

Apollo™ 77FLF-24A-01 77FLF-240 2-Piece Ball Valve, 4 in, Solder, Forged Brass Body, Full Port, RPTFE Softgoods, Domestic. The Apollo™ 77FLF-200 series is a Lead Free full port forged brass ball valve ideal for a wide range of plumbing and heating applications, including potable water.

Where are Jomar valves made?

the USA
Made in the USA- This new product is an insulated T-handle with an integrated memory stop to eliminate thermal energy loss and prevent condensation.

Who owns Apollo fittings?

It was originally founded in 1928 by two Detroit based manufacturers who specialized in brass valves and fittings. Apollo is owned by Aalberts Industries Company, and specializes in the distribution of PEX tubing, tools, fittings, manifolds, and most importantly their intricate valves.

Are Apollo ball valves good?

Apollo Ball Valves: Simply the Best Apollo Valves prides itself on producing top quality parts. The Apollo brand itself was introduced to the market in 1968 with the Apollo Series 70 line. Originally known as Conbraco Industries, Apollo Valves has been leading the industry since 1928.

How do you adjust Apollo pressure reducing valve?

The PRV is designed to reduce pressure to a more functional level within its adjustment range. A gauge must be used to verify setting. To increase the set pressure, loosen the locknut and turn the adjusting screw clockwise. To decrease the set pressure, turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise.

What should a pressure reducing valve be set at?

Most valves have a locking nut. Once you unscrew this nut, you will be able to turn the adjustment screw, knob, or bolt. Adjust it until the pressure shown on your gauge reaches the desired level. For most residential purposes, that means a pressure below 80 psi.

Where is Apollo PEX made?

Some Apollo pex pipe is made in the U.S.A. and some come from China. A: Apollo PEX pipe is made in more than one facility–some of the PEX pipe items are made in China and some are made in the United States.

What are the different sizes of Apollo Conbraco ball valves?

Apollo Conbraco 77WLF Series 1/2 in. Bronze Full Port Press 200# Ball Valve Apollo Conbraco 77VLF Series 1-1/2 in. Stainless Steel Full Port Press Ball Valve Apollo Conbraco 77VLF Series 1 in. Forged Brass Full Port Press 250# Ball Valve Apollo Conbraco Apollo® PowerPress 89FV Series 3/4 in. Carbon Steel and HNBR Press Lever Handle Gas Ball Valve

How many PSI is Apollo Conbraco?

Apollo Conbraco 36 Series 1 in. 300 psi Bronze Double Union Sweat Pressure Reducing Valve Apollo Conbraco RP4A Series 1/2 in. Bronze FPT x MNPT 175 psi Backflow Preventer

Why choose Apollo Valves?

Apollo Valves has taken the time to do extensive market research on what you need in a backflow preventer. Through our experienced engineering and sales team we have brought to you what you asked for. A competitively priced, easy to maintain, Made in South Carolina; full backflow preventer line.

Where are Apollo backflow preventers made?

A competitively priced, easy to maintain, Made in South Carolina; full backflow preventer line. You can count on Made in the USA… You can count on Apollo Valves. Allowing design engineers to easily determine the pressure losses of Apollo Backflow Preventers across assemblies 1/2” through 12” assemblies.