Is Aldor or Scryer better for ret paladin?

This all comes down to what your class’s stat weight are for Attack Power vs. Crit Strike Rating. Aldor’s Greater Inscription of Vengeance has the higher Attack Power, making it a better choice for Retribution Paladins, Hunters, Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, and Arms/Fury Warriors.

Which covenant is best for Tank Paladin?

In this Shadowlands guide, we will help you choose the right covenant for your playstyle, based on how much they impact your performance as a Protection Paladin, updated for Patch 9.1….Best Covenants for Protection Paladin.

Best Raid Covenants
Night Fae Good for Movement Niya

Can Paladins main tank in TBC?

Paladins are capable of filling all three roles in TBC and are competitive at each, Tank healer, and melee DPS. Prot Paladins are rarely seen as the ‘main tank’, but are more than capable of tanking raid bosses.

Should Druid go Aldor or scryers?

While Aldor gives more Spirit overall, and more Intellect and spell power when combined with the robe and staff, Scryers have more crit. The trinket might also be good. The shoulder enchantments are the reverse, Aldor providing substantial Intellect or Spell Power and Scryers providing more Spirit.

Should Warlock go Scryer or Aldor?

@Nefarion – Aldor shoulder enchant is better for PvP only if you’re going SL/SL or UA. Felguard, it’s a personal choice which is “better” (depending on whether you like burst or DoTs more), and Destruction, Scryer is by far superior in any way.

Is Venthyr good for prot paladin?

Venthyr Conduit for Ashen Hallow Like all Covenant Class abilities, there is a Conduit available: Hallowed Discernment. This is the best conduit for Venthyr Prot. Paladins and you should always be using it. The conduit is a passive DPS increase for when you use Ashen Hallow.

What is the best covenant for shadow priest?

Best Covenants for Shadow Priests

Covenant Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Good: Specialising in burst single target every 3 minutes. Pelagos / Mikanikos
Necrolord Great: Simple to play and very strong 2 minute single target. Marileth
Night Fae Great: More complex and sensitive to cooldown timings. Niya / Dreamweaver

Should Hunter go Aldor or scryers?

TBC Classic: Aldor or Scryers?

Class Spec Scryers
Hunter Beast Mastery 29.55 percent
Hunter Marksmanship 29.95 percent
Hunter Survival 31.82 percent
Mage Arcane 52.09 percent

What is the difference between a scryer and an Aldor?

Both the Aldor and Scryer sets are identical in stats and set bonuses, with Aldor offering Fire Resistance and Scryer offering Arcane Resistance. In addition, the Aldor offers an armor kit pattern that adds to Defense rating, and the Scryers offer an armor kit pattern that adds 3mp5.

Should you join Aldor or scryer in World of Warcraft Classic?

There are many important decisions that World of Warcraft Classic players will make throughout the game, but many are incomparable as to the decision to join either Aldor or Scryer in their conflict. Upon reaching a level in the high 60s, gamers will have to finally make a choice the next time they reach Shattrath City.

How do the Aldor and scryer affect the pendants?

The Aldor and Scryer will cause different effects for the pendants that are obtained during the Shattered Sun Offensive phase. There are four pendants that you can select and each one has a different effect depending on your faction. Light’s Wrath grants +120 spell damage and healing for 10 seconds. Arcane Bolt inflicts 333-367 arcane damage.

Should I Choose Aldor or scryer in TBC?

One of the most important decisions when going into TBC as a level 60+ is whether you will choose Aldor or Scryer. This choice affects what parts of Shattrath you will be in as well as what patterns you will have access to with your chosen professions.