In what order should I read the Clifton Chronicles?

Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles books in order

  • Only Time Will Tell. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • The Sins of the Father. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Best Kept Secret. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Mightier than the Sword. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Cometh the Hour. by Jeffrey Archer.
  • This Was a Man.
  • Nothing Ventured.

Is there a sequel to Jeffrey Archer Only time will tell?

The Sins of the Father
Only Time Will Tell/Followed by

Is The Clifton Chronicles a TV series?

The new drama prodco has been set up by media advisory firm Bob & Co, and its first project will be a TV version of Jeffrey Archer’s bestselling book series The Clifton […]

What is the story of Clifton Chronicles?

A heart warming story set back in the early 1900’s which follows a young lad named Harry Clifton as he faces the many obstacles throughout his life’s journey to manhood. It is a story about coincidences, about what people will do for love, about how life can go full circle, and how people get their due.

Should I read Jeffrey Archer books in order?

You could read his work in that order, by publishing date from oldest to newest, but I propose the following reading order instead: His Stand-alone Novels. then, the Clifton Chronicles. then, the Kane and Abel Series.

Is there a sequel to Kane and Abel?

The Prodigal Daughter
Kane and Abel/Followed by

1 on the New York Times best-seller list. A sequel, The Prodigal Daughter, was released in 1982 and features Abel’s daughter Florentyna as the protagonist. Kane & Abel is among the top 100 best-selling books in the world, with a similar number of copies sold as To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone with the Wind.

Is nothing ventured part of the Clifton Chronicles?

Nothing Ventured heralds the start of the William Warwick Novels, in the style of Jeffrey Archer’s number one Sunday Times bestselling The Clifton Chronicles: telling the story of the life of William Warwick – as a family man and a detective who will battle throughout his career against a powerful criminal nemesis.

Is heads you win part of a series?

After writing a seven-part series and a book of short stories, Lord Jeffrey Archer is ready with his first novel since 2011. Titled Heads You Win, this 472-page novel has quite a novel approach. It opens with the Karpenko family being hunted by the KGB in Leningrad of 1968.

What is the best of Jeffrey Archer?


1 Kane & Abel (Kane & Abel, #1) by Jeffrey Archer 4.30 avg rating — 110,239 ratings score: 16,616, and 167 people voted
2 A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer 4.17 avg rating — 35,259 ratings score: 9,078, and 92 people voted

How many books are in the detective series by William Warwick?

“The William Warwick novels will be eight books, covering eight different subjects (so far, art theft, drugs, murder, police corruption), while William holds eight different ranks in the Metropolitan Police, and yes, I can confirm that in the next book, Over My Dead Body, which will be published in October, he does …

Is there a sequel to the prodigal daughter?

Shall We Tell the President?
The Prodigal Daughter/Followed by

Who wrote Cain and Abel?

Jeffrey Archer
Kane and Abel/Authors