How to open torrent files on Windows 10?

Download and Install uTorrent on your PC.

  • Download the torrent content
  • Opening the ZIP archive
  • How to not get caught downloading torrents?

    Using a VPN. This term might be so repeated for the ones who want to remain anonymous. That’s what increasing the VPN…

  • Tor. The Onion Router ( Tor) is free and a bit similar to VPN; hence it is used by some netizens who don’t want to pay…
  • Peerblock. Peerblock is a well-known and specially designed app for torrent sharing. Keeping in…
  • How to open torrent files?

    Download and launch BitTorrent.

  • Search and download the file,or if you already have a torrent file,right-click on it and open it with BitTorrent.
  • Click on I Agree to the pop-up menu.
  • Save the file at the selected location.
  • View the file.
  • How to download with Torrent?

    Use Google to search “Torrents”. Due to legal reasons,many torrent download websites get taken down pretty quickly.

  • Go to an available torrent site. A torrent site lists different torrent files that are available for download.
  • Search for a file you want to download. Use the website search function to search for a file you want to download.
  • Download the torrent file. Click the button that says Download,Get this torrent,Download torrent or something similar to download the file.
  • Drag and drop the torrent file into uTorrent. This will display the torrent’s download information in uTorrent.
  • Click OK or Add. It’s at the bottom of the options window. This adds the torrent file to your list of downloads.
  • Wait for your torrent’s files to begin downloading. Once you see “Downloading 0.0%” on the torrent’s name in the uTorrent window,the torrent’s files are officially downloading.
  • Let the torrent seed after it finishes downloading. Torrents will seed automatically after the files have downloaded.