Businesses are rigorously going after the idea of creating eBooks. After all, it is helping them attract heaps of audience and loads of traffic for their website. The flexibility of eBooks with zero paper wastage is truly appealing to the people. Besides, it is offering a unique opportunity for businesses to deliver their brand message to the audiences.

Previously, creating eBooks was arduous for businesses due to the unavailability of expertise and tools. It is no longer the case now; you would come across numerous tools, lending you a hand to create the perfect eBook. There are eye-catching designs, templates, and ideas available for eBooks for free. Nonetheless, you can always get some inspiration from previous best-selling eBooks to have an understanding of what attracts the audience most about an eBook and what factors should be avoided.

If you are still wondering how to create an eBook, here are some tips on how to create the perfect eBook.

Pick a Topic

Do you know what people are up to these days? Well, you have to get hold of the current trends and the changing tastes and fashion of people. You have to come up with a topic that is in the interests of audiences, something that appeals to them. Hence, it is very important to know your audience. So, how about you take a dig at their buying behavior and potential interests? Apart from that, always make sure that you remain up-to-date with all the changing preferences of your audience so that you remain on track with their interests.

However, if you have ample time, you can conduct some online surveys, questionnaires, go through several websites, like designrr, for a better understanding of the audiences. It would give you an insight into what they are looking for, allowing you to come up with pertinent topics. Once you have a fair idea about your audience, you can move forward by shortlisting the relevant ideas that are in the interests of audiences.

Design your eBook

The content alone is not enough to keep the audience hooked. You have to offer something more. Perhaps, a unique design that appeals to the audiences and grabs their attention. Despite the trending topics and whirling information, users do pay attention to the design. Those black and white pages loaded with information are no longer attractive for anyone.

Similarly, you need to come up with an imploring cover page of the eBook. Depending on the nature of your business, you can build a theme around your company’s design and prospects. However, kindly refrain from making it look promotional since users don’t prefer being a target of promotions.

Are you wondering where to find unique designs? Well, it is just a few searches away. You would come across some impeccable templates in multiple designs for your eBook. If you are skeptical about spending bucks, then there are some available free of cost too.

Insert Visual Content

Believe it or not, but this is the era of colors and visuals. We are far past the age where people got excited readings tons of information. These days, even newspapers come with visual representation in the form of pictures. Thus, make sure your eBook also has some visual content, some info-graphics or images that contribute towards the understanding of written content.

Visual content appeals to the audiences and grabs attention, but this doesn’t mean you drown the eBooks with pictures. A lot of images would increase the size of the file, and remember, users would hesitate in downloading a file that consumes a big chunk of memory. It is imperative to insert pertinent images that complement the information. After all, the aim is better customer experience and promoting understandability amongst the users.

Be Creative

People are hunting for something different and unique at all times. Even though you are creating an eBook like many other businesses, but you have to spring up some creative ideas. This would set you apart from the rest. Honestly, it won’t require a lot of effort rather a great imaginative mind. Besides, if you can’t come up with any, here are some unique ideas for your eBook.

Give a Touch of Colors

Bright and colorful things never fail to catch a glance. So, how about you bring some colors to your eBook. However, don’t overwhelm it with multiple colors since it would lose its purpose. Instead of sticking to the traditional black color, you can go with a dark blue color, but only for headings. Similarly, for the sub-headings, you can pick a lighter version of blue. Sounds great, no?

Play with the Font

Usually, having the same sized font in the entire eBook looks monotonous. It also makes it difficult to differentiate between points, paragraphs, and headings. Hence, you have to keep your audience away from this confusion and there is no better way than altering the font sizes. The heading is bold, and in a bigger font, subheadings are slightly bigger than the context and smaller than the headings. You can also use apostrophes, colons, inverted commas, to differentiate between the content.

Insert Quotes

You can never go wrong with some quotes and citations. People like it when you are giving a reference from an authentic source. On the same hand, it also increases the reliability of your content. Similarly, don’t mind highlighting quotes from popular personalities to support your points. You might need to sweat a bit more, but it is worth a shot.

Select your Software

Once everything is ready on the plate, it is time to decide the type of software you have to choose for your eBook. For this, you have to keep in mind some things. Firstly, the software should be widely used by the users – for instance, PDF, or else, they would have difficulty downloading the eBook. Secondly, content up-gradation depends on the software. Hence, make sure the software is pertinent to your requirements.

Alongside this, you have to make things simpler for yourself also. The software should have suitable editing tools so that you can make minor changes on the spot without any hustle. Most importantly, it should be compatible with every device, which means everyone should be able to download it from their browser.

Final Word

Every business wants to design the perfect eBook, but the lack of expertise and tools is not giving them a green signal. Well, if you pull off research, you would realize creating an eBook is not burdensome after all. You need a few expert tips and tricks to get you started. So, without any second thoughts, have a look above on how to create the perfect eBook and get started.