How much is lechon pig?

$10.00 – 24 oz. *Prices are for pick-up only plus applicable tax. Additional charges for delivery….

Small Lechon
30-39 lbs. (25-35 servings)
$301.00 (plus $29.72 sales tax) $330.72 $326.00 (plus $32.19 sales tax) $358.19 $351.00 (plus $34.66 sales tax) $385.66

What is lechon baboy in English?

Lechón is a Spanish word referring to a roasted baby pig (piglet) which was still fed by suckling its mother’s milk (a suckling pig). Although it acquired the Spanish name as a general term for “roasted pig”, in these regions it more often refers to adult roasted pigs, not lechones (milk suckling pigs).

What is Lechona?

Lechona, also known as lechón asado, is a popular Colombian dish. It is similar in style to many preparations made in other South American countries, consisting of a roasted pig stuffed with yellow peas, green onion, yellow rice and spices, cooked in an outdoor brick oven for several hours.

What are the top 10 Filipino dishes?

What are Your Top Ten Filipino Food?

  1. Pork Menudo. Menudo is a pork stew cooked in tomato based sauce with liver, potato and carrots.
  2. Pancit Molo. A Filipino soup dish with wonton.
  3. Pork Binagoongan. A pork dish cooked with shrimp paste.
  4. Maja Blanca.
  5. Inihaw na Liempo.
  6. Dinuguan at Puto.
  7. Leche Flan.
  8. Lechon Kawali.

How much is a whole lechon?

Sizes Whole Lechon Price Cooked Weight Approximate Servings
Regular Approx. 3ft Add P2,800 for Boneless Lechon stuffed with Seafood Paella
Php 12,800 15-18 pax
Medium Approx. 3.5ft Add P3,800 for Boneless Lechon stuffed with Seafood Paella
Php 14,800 20-25 pax