How much is a WatchGuard body camera?

at the direction of the IT department. The cost of the WatchGuard body cameras and needed accessories is $306,965 and can only be purchased through Motorola. The funding is included in the Sheriff’s 2021 budget. NOTE: This is only an estimate for ARE & VISTA related hardware, Software and WG Technical Services.

What is WatchGuard 4RE?

4RE In-Car 802.11n Wireless Kit, 5GHz (Radio, Antenna, PoE, 2-10′ Ethernet. Cables) 345.00 345.00. 300.00. 300.00.

What is 4RE?

The WatchGuard 4RE In-Car Video Camera from Motorola Solutions is the most trusted and deployed in-car video system for law enforcement. The 4RE is integrated with body-worn cameras to offer a seamless system, capturing video from multiple viewpoints and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.

When did Motorola buy WatchGuard?

July 11, 2019
Motorola Solutions Acquires WatchGuard, Inc., Leader in Mobile Video for Public Safety. CHICAGO – July 11, 2019 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced it has acquired WatchGuard, Inc., a U.S. leader in mobile video solutions.

Does Motorola make body cameras?

V300 Police Body Camera – Motorola Solutions. Build your own enterprise-grade private LTE network and meet your data needs.

What happened to WatchGuard in Allen TX?

Allen-based WatchGuard Inc., which designs and sells in-car video systems and police body cameras to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada, has been acquired by Motorola Solutions. The acquisition is Motorola’s latest move to absorb security technology companies.

How much did Motorola buy WatchGuard for?

That would be WatchGuard, which sells the Vista body camera as well as in-car cameras and cloud storage for the video captured on those devices. Motorola didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but a federal regulatory filing suggests that the company valued the deal at a price somewhere north of $13.8 million.

Why do police need body cameras?

Body cameras worn by the police serve two purposes; one they improve officer safety and communication when working in stressful environments and secondly in the event where a situation gets out of hand and people are injured or lives lost, they help to provide a factual account of what happened.

Why are body cameras worn?

Across the country, police departments are increasingly using body-worn cameras to better monitor what officers are doing out in the field with the hope that they will reduce the prevalence of misconduct and improve fairness in policing.

Can civilians buy Axon products?

These products are sold exclusively on the Consumer store, So, unless you are looking to buy a TASER device for a family, friend, or just for the self-defense option, we recommend going to the Law Enforcement store, where we have products specifically designed for your on-duty needs.