How much horsepower did the Chevy 283 have?

Horsepower was offered as little as 185. But the 283 could be boosted to a maximum 315 horsepower, which is a remarkable feat given its displacement.

What year did 283 come out?

283 Turbo-Fire: Featuring a larger bore than the 265, the 283 was first offered in 1957 and came with a choice of carburetion or mechanical fuel injection. The most powerful engine of this group, the fuel-injected Super Ram-Jet was the first to achieve the coveted one horsepower-per-cubic-inch threshold.

What year did they stop making the 283?

IN 1967 IT WAS REPLACED BY 307 IN 1968 .

What are the best heads for a 283?

If sticking with the 283, 305 HO heads would be a great choice on a 283. The “HO” heads had 1.84 intake valves, whereas normal 305 heads had only 1.72. If you look around, you can often find -416 or -601 heads for dirt cheap.

Was the 283 a good motor?

Even after the 327’s debut, the 283 made such a good base engine that it soldiered on through 1967. With its short 3-inch stroke, a 283 can rev as if there’s no tomorrow, but the small bore restricts adding really large valves and, hence, ultimate breathing potential.

What size is a 283 engine?

The 283 is a V-8 engine that has a bore and stroke of 3.875 by 3.000 inches, 283-inch piston displacement and either an 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 compression ratio, depending on the configuration. The engine was made from 1957 to 1960.

Is a 283 a good motor?

What is the smallest V-8 Chevy makes?

The smallest-displacement small-block V-8 ever produced included a 262-cubic-inch (4.3L) version used in the mid-Seventies – the same displacement shared by the current small-block-based 4.3L V-6. The most powerful small block ever produced is the LS9 engine used in the current Corvette ZR1.

Will Vortec heads fit a 283?

Even with the 1.94 intake to fit the small 283/307 bore, you should still be able to match the Vortec flow. with the perfect bore, stroke and rod ratio is very impressive…

How much does a 283 engine weight?

ENGINE Weight Comments
Chevy small block V8 535 (’59 Corvette 283 w/alum. intake)
Chevy V8 348/409 620
Chevy big block V8 685 Mark IV

How many liters is a 283 engine?

283 Turbo-Fire V-8 A larger 3.875-inch bore brought the “Mighty Mouse” up to 283 cubic inches (4.6 liters).