How much does it cost to upgrade Hidden Tesla?

Tapping this icon instantly upgrades the Hidden Tesla to the next level, at the cost of one Hammer of Building if you have one.

Does earthquake damage hidden Tesla?

An Earthquake is able to damage a Tesla even if it has been concealed, making it one of the most efficient ways to eliminate the building at a positive elixir trade.

What is the Pekkas weakness?

She is a gamble as a Clan Castle troop due to her general weaknesses. Because P.E.K.K.A has a slow attack speed, she is ineffective against large groups of low hitpoint troops. Large numbers (at least 15) of Barbarians, Archers, Wizards, and even Clan Castle Goblins can easily take her out.

What are Pekkas weak against?

If PEKKA is weak against electricity, she must be also weak against lightning spells because lightning is made of electricity. Please remove the weakness against the hidden teslas, or add the weakness against lightning spells.

What happens at Level 3 of the hidden Tesla?

At level 3, it gets a second wire coiled up for support on the opposite side of the tower and a second set of metal conductor is added. The bottom of the Tesla gain some stone support. At level 4, the Hidden Tesla acquires its namesake Tesla coil at the top. The shots fired from it also get thicker.

What is the difference between the level 4 and Level 7 Tesla?

The level 4 Hidden Tesla acquires its namesake Tesla coil at the top. At level 5, the metal conductor pieces turn golden yellow, and a third coil of wire appears on the front support. At level 6 the Tesla coil itself turns golden as well. The level 7 Hidden Tesla replaces the Tesla coil with a set of massive horizontal bronze rings.

How much does the hidden Tesla cost in LV 7?

For lv 7 it costs 3500000, whereas the last level of an archer tower costs 7500000 and does less damage. 3) with the last upgrade, the hidden tesla does even more damage than any other defensive structure, and it costs the same as the lv 2 xbow.

What happens to the Tesla coil at Level 5?

At level 5, a third coil of wire appears on the front support. The metal conductor pieces, the bottom stone support and the top of the Tesla also turns gold does too. At level 6, the Tesla coil at the top and a small bump on the metal conductor pieces turn golden as well. The “bolt” that the Hidden Tesla fires becomes thicker.