How much do Eton College Teachers Make?

More than 40 teachers at Eton College earn £100,000 or more per year, it has been revealed. The salaries dwarf the pay of state school teachers in England, which ranges from around £25,714 to £41,604 outside of London, excluding extra payments – for example, for teaching and learning responsibilities.

Is Eton College hard to get into?

Entry to Eton is competitive and thus only boys with high potential may be awarded a place. Aristocratic or privileged backgrounds are no longer necessary requirements for entry. An increasing number of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are now able to apply and receive funding.

How competitive is Eton College?

Eton College. It’s notoriously competitive, with around 23% of applicants earning a place.

Does Eton follow the national curriculum?

Individual cases should be discussed with the Director of Admissions. Eton Entrance (for boys from the state sector) Boys coming to Eton from the state sector are not required to take Common Entrance but will be required to sit exams based on the National Curriculum in English, Maths and Science.

How many teachers does Eton have?

Eton has also announced plans to increase the figure to around 320 pupils, with 70 educated free of charge, with the intention that the number of pupils receiving financial assistance from the school continues to increase….

Eton College
Age range 13–18
Enrolment 1,311 (2020)
Capacity 1,390
Student to teacher ratio 8:1

How much does the head of Eton earn?

One of the best paid state school headteachers in the country has received a pay rise that could take his salary as high as £275,000 per year – despite government calls for salary restraint.

Is there a waiting list for Eton?

Each year roughly 1,300 boys will apply to Eton, with 240 successfully winning ‘A’ places. Those close behind will be offered ‘B’ places on a waitlist, with a second round taking place in Y7 to reevaluate the cohort.

Do private school teachers get paid more?

Typically, charter and private schools pay teachers less than public schools. However, you may earn more at a private school that charges high tuition.