How long does it take to recover from a fractured humerus?

The humerus is the long bone in your upper arm. When broken it needs specialised care so that you can cope with the problems it brings. It will take a minimum of 12 weeks to heal. This is a very painful injury so take your pain relief medication regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

Can I use my hand with a broken humerus?

When broken, not only is it very painful but it also needs specialised care to help you cope with the problems it brings. Your forearm and hand may be swollen and bruised for a number of weeks; this is normal. To help reduce the swelling and stiffness you should keep your wrist and hand well exercised.

Can I shower with a fractured humerus?

NO BATHING OR SHOWERING. To wash under the injured arm, lean slightly to the side and forward. This will give access to the underarm. Use a face cloth, soap and water ensuring the area is dried thoroughly. Do not try to raise your arm A fractured Humerus can be very mobile.

What is the recovery time for a humerus fracture?

In general, an elderly person with a proximal humeral fracture never regains full range of movement, whether treated conservatively or surgically. The aim is rehabilitation to a functional range of movement. Generally recovery takes at least one year but union is expected at 6-8 weeks. Adequate treatment of those at risk of osteoporosis.

How do you treat a humerus fracture?

The vast majority of humerus fractures are treated without surgery. The arm can heal after it is immobilized in a cast, a special splint or a functional brace. Surgery may be needed for a more severe fracture, or any open fracture with exposed bone. The humerus will be repaired with plates and screws, or a metal rod.

How to splint a humerus fracture?

Humerus shaft fracture should be stabilized using a coaptation splint. Wrap splinting material snugly from axilla to nape of neck, creating a stirrup around the elbow. Fracture reduction is usually not necessary because reduction is difficult to maintain.

How painful is a broken humerus?

A broken upper arm (fractured humerus) can be extremely painful, so much so that you may feel sick, dizzy or faint. Other symptoms of a broken upper arm are: You will be unable to use your arm. Your elbow or upper arm may be swollen. Your elbow or upper arm may bruise. If it is a very severe break, your arm may be a different shape.