How do you take care of a Xerographica air plant?

For regular care, they will thrive with a misting a few times a week. About once a month, however, you’ll want to give your Xero a more thorough drink. Soak your plant in lukewarm water for 2 minutes, submerging completely. Be sure to gently shake your plant dry afterward so that no water sits pooled on the leaves.

How long do Xerographica air plants live?

20 years
Tillandsia Xerographica [pronounced: zero-grafika] is a truly stunning plant. Its leaves are thick, silvery-white, and often take on beautiful curls depending on the humidity in the environment. It can live upwards of 20 years and grow up to three feet in diameter before send a large orange bloom spike.

Does Xerographica need sunlight?

Xerographica air plants can also handle more sunlight than their tropical, shade-loving cousins, and they will struggle without adequate light. However, direct, intense light may sunburn the plant. Natural light is preferable, but you can supplement with artificial lights.

Do air plants need direct sunlight?

ost air plants do not do well with direct or full sun. Because they require indirect light, air plants make great office plants as long as they get some light, either indirectly from a window source, or artificially from full spectrum fluorescent lights.

Should you soak Xerographica?

We recommend dunking a xerographica in a bowl or bucket of water and then shaking it gently to allow the water to fall from its leaves. Let dry upside down to ensure water doesn’t get trapped in its leaves. Characterized by abundantly fuzzy leaves, the Tillandsia tectorum is an air plant that you will not want to soak.

Can you propagate Xerographica?

Propagate tillandsia xerographica with seed or pups. Obtain the seeds after the flowers die and begin to dry out. Keep in mind it may take about eight years for the seedling to become a full-grown plant. The king of air plants begins producing a pup about six months to two years after its first bloom.

How big does a Xerographica get?

3′ feet
Tillandsia xerographica [til-LAND-see-uh] [zer-oh-graf-i-ka] a species of bromeliad, is one of the largest air plants capable of reaching over 3′ feet in size. It features thick, wide leaves extending from a tight rosette.

Do air plants do well in bathrooms?

Air Plant or Tillandsia makes great bathroom plants because they can soak up the humidity. To keep your air plants happy and healthy, place them in a spot with bright, indirect light and high humidity. Make sure to provide proper air circulation since this is how they absorb nutrients and water.

Can I soak my air plants overnight?

If your air plant is ever looking ‘thirsty’ or like it’s struggling, you can soak them in water (in a bowl or sink) for several hours or overnight. This can often help to revive your tillandsia.

How do you fertilize Xerographica?

We like to use a low-nitrogen bromeliad fertilizer. Low-nitrogen fertilizers are best for air plants because it helps encourage blooming and offset production in Tillandsia. It’s also very important to use a non-urea-based nitrogen fertilizer, as this will provide nitrogen that is usable for Tillandsia.

How long does it take Xerographica to grow?

Can I put air plants in my shower?

Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.) They need bright, indirect light and high humidity. Even better, they don’t use soil. Instead, air plants grow high in trees where they get all of their water needs from rainfall and moist air. They’re so light, you can get creative with containers in the shower area.