How do you multiply a monomial by a polynomial with more than one term?

When you multiply polynomials where both polynomials have more than one term you just multiply each of terms in the first polynomial with all of the terms in the second polynomial. When multiplying two binomial you can use the word FOIL to remember how to multiply the binomials.

What property do you use when multiplying a monomial by a polynomial?

To multiply a polynomial by a monomial, use the distributive property: multiply each term of the polynomial by the monomial. This involves multiplying coefficients and adding exponents of the appropriate variables.

How do you multiply a polynomial with more than one term by a polynomial with tree or more terms?

How To: Given the multiplication of two polynomials, use the distributive property to simplify the expression.

  1. Multiply each term of the first polynomial by each term of the second.
  2. Combine like terms.
  3. Simplify.

What are the rules in multiplying polynomials?

Using FOIL to Multiply Binomials

  • Multiply the first terms of each binomial.
  • Multiply the outer terms of the binomials.
  • Multiply the inner terms of the binomials.
  • Multiply the last terms of each binomial.
  • Add the products.
  • Combine like terms and simplify.

Does a polynomial times a polynomial always a polynomial?

Yes, when you multiply two polynomials you get a sum of monomials. A sum of monomials is always a polynomial.

What is the result if a monomial is multiplied by a monomial?

The multiplication of monomials results in a monomial only.

How do you multiply Monomials?

Multiplication of Monomials When you multiply monomials, first multiply the coefficients and then multiply the variables by adding the exponents. Note that when you multiply monomials with same base, you can add their exponents.

Multiplying Polynomials Rule 1:To multiply monomials with the same base, keep the base and add the powers: x ax b= xa+ b Rule 2:To raise a base to a power, keep the base and multiply the powers. ( x a) b= x ab Rule 3:To raise a product to a power, raise each factor in the product to that power. ( xy) a= x ay a

How do you multiply monomials?

Multiplying monomials involves two steps: 1) Multiply the numbers (coefficients) 2) Multiply the variables. Remember that when you multiply powers, you add the exponents.

How do you simplify monomials with exponents?

To solve polynomial expressions, you may need to simplify monomials — polynomials with only one term. Simplifying monomials follows a sequence of operations involving rules for handling exponents, multiplying and dividing. Always handle variables with exponents raised to a power first.

When do you multiply the exponents of monomials?

Since each term in a polynomial is a monomial, multiplying polynomials becomes multiplying monomials. When multiplying monomials, use the product rule for exponents. The factors are regrouped, and then multiplied. Notice the product rule for exponents at work [when the bases are the same, add the exponents].