How do you identify Vintage Anchor Hocking?

The first identification mark used by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation was an “Anchor superimposed over an H” or “Anchor and letter H entwined” which has been in use since 1938.

Is Anchor Hocking glass or crystal?

Anchor Hocking Company is a manufacturer of glassware. The Hocking Glass Company was founded in 1905 by Isaac Jacob (Ike) Collins in Lancaster, Ohio, and named after the Hocking River.

Is Anchor Glass the same as Anchor Hocking?

The Glass Container Division was to be known as the Anchor Glass Container Corporation with seven manufacturing plants and its office in Lancaster, Ohio. The Newell Corporation acquired the Anchor Hocking Corporation on 2 July 1987.

What is Anchor Hocking Fire King?

Fire-King is an Anchor Hocking brand of glassware similar to Pyrex. It was formerly made of low expansion borosilicate glass and ideal for oven use. Currently it is made of tempered soda-lime-silicate glass.

What kind of glass is vintage Anchor Hocking?

From 1949 until 1963, Anchor Hocking made Royal Ruby beer bottles for Schlitz in 7-, 12-, 16-, and 32-ounce sizes. But the firm is perhaps best known for its Fire-King glass, manufactured from around 1940 until 1976.

Is Anchor Hocking Glass still in business?

Named for the nearby Hocking River, the Hocking Glass Company was founded in 1905 in Lancaster, Ohio. After a merger with Anchor Cap Corporation in 1937, Hocking Glass became Anchor Hocking Corporation. Still manufacturing in Lancaster, OH for over 110 year.

Is Anchor-Hocking Fire-King worth anything?

Fire-King is a brand of glassware. Created by Anchor Hocking, it is similar to Pyrex. While Fire-King isn’t a high-end collectible, some rarer pieces are worth a good deal of money.

What is the difference between Anchor-Hocking and Fire-King?

“Fire-King”, also an Anchor-Hocking trademark, refers to items made with low-expansion borosilicate glass. Fire-King call this glass heat proof. All heat proof Anchor-Hocking glassware is Fire-King — marked or not*. Some items are marked only with foil labels that say “Heat Proof Anchorglass.” They are Fire-King.

Does Vintage Anchor Hocking Glass have lead?

YES. Most vintage Pyrex with a painted or colored exterior (both solid colors and designs) uses lead-containing paint. Go here to read more about why you should care.