How do you get cards in Sky Force anniversary?

To get a card, you must collect it and the finish the stage. If you happen to die before that, then the card is lost and you will have to collect it again. There are no means to know which type of card you got until the “Stage Complete” screen, but there are no cards you can get twice, so every card will be a new one.

How do you get cards in skyforce?

You can get any card in the radar, just remember to tap start the very moment the card appears (the radar beeps), and press stop when the beam has spun 4:30 (that’s 1/4 and (1/4)/2 turn, that means 3/8 of a complete turn), or +135 degrees from the card position.

What is card 24 in Sky Force Reloaded?

Card 24 is a special Permanent Bonus Card that can only be obtained after defeating Stage 13 and obtaining every other Permanent Bonus Card.

How do you get more planes in Sky Force Reloaded?

Initially, the game starts with only The Classic plane. As you collect aircraft parts found by chance in sorties, you will eventually assemble new planes for use. To completely acquire a new plane, you have to acquire each of their 5 parts. There is a card (12) that increases the drop rate of aircraft parts.

How do you beat Omega in Sky Force Reloaded?

To evade them effectively, give yourself maximum distance, preferably to the bottom left or right of the screen edge and lead the missiles away slowly, rising all the way up to the screen if you have to. When the launchers reload, quickly fly right in at point blank and unload all your shots into it.

How do cards work in Sky Force Reloaded?

Cards or specifically, Permanent / Temporal Bonus Cards, is the game’s way of providing extra upgrades and perks to the player. They appear in the form of collectible objects during any sortie and can be found purely by chance or through the use of the Card Radar function for improved chances.

How do I get a new plane from 1945 Air Force?

As you progress in the game you get more planes through completing special events and in-app purchases. You will get start the game with one plane selected until you open up more slots in your squadron. Your squadron has 4 slots.

What should I upgrade first in Sky Force Reloaded?

The first upgrade adds the Wing Cannons. Upgrading the cannons will increase the damage and fire rate. The slow rate of fire (about once every two seconds when maxed), and the fact that the rate does not increase in-mission with firing rate upgrades, make these less useful than the main gun.

How many levels are there in the Air Force 1945?

1945: Air Force features numerous real-life aircraft for you to pilot, as well as a couple of game-exclusive ones. Each chapter in the game follows 10 different levels, with every 10th level featuring a final boss. The bosses get bigger and badder every time, but it only takes the best of pilots to take them down.

How do you unlock Nightmare mode in Sky Force Reloaded?

Nightmare Mode is the final difficulty mode for the game. It will be unlocked after completion of the main game. Even if you get all 12 medals for a level, if you haven’t completed all 13 levels of the game, the Nightmare difficulty is not available.