How do you get a darkfire gem in Infinity Blade 2?

In Infinity Blade II, The Rare Darkfire Gem is a square gem created by fusing together Rare Shock, Poison, and Wind attack gems.

What do the maps do in Infinity Blade 3?

Maps or treasure maps are items in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III that reveal where and how the player can obtain certain special rewards. If Siris or Isa make a sound when opening a map, it means you still haven’t claimed the reward.

How do you get the hidden maps in Infinity Blade 2?

3. There are a few hidden maps in Infinity Blade III that can be unlocked from special requirements….Infinity Blade II.

Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears (v1.2)
Key Treasure Map 8,000
Victor’s Spoils Map 8,000
Wet Loot Map 12,000
Old Treasure Map 20,000

What are the best gems to forge in Infinity Blade 2?

In Infinity Blade II, the two most useful elemental gems are Spectrum Gems and Darkfire Gems. They can be forged as such: Forge 3 capped (+400) fire gems together to get a rare +500 fire gem. Forge 3 capped (+400) ice gems together to get a rare +500 ice gem.

What color are the slashes on the Infinity Blade 3?

If it is put in a normal weapon, the color of the slashes is yellow and blue. When it stabs, it has the Infinity Blade’s stab animation. In Infinity Blade III, the Rare Darkfire gem, similar to IB2, is a square gem given to the player after defeating Pisci in Interlude: Dragonslayer. The gem has an elemental force of +1,000 spectrum (rainbow).

How much does it cost to forge a +500 attack gem?

Like the Rare Spectrum Gem, this gem grants +500 spectrum attack, but the combined cost of the nine gems needed to forge it is $9,000,000 (the combined sell value being $4,500,000). You should now have three +500 rare elemental attack gems.

How much damage does a Darkfire gem do?

When used in Solar transport energy blades, the beam looks similar to the wind element, but with hints of dark. If 3 Darkfire Gems are forged, the result is a Rare Darkfire Gem with +1,000 damage, or 10,000 damage on a solar-trans blade.