How do you do the annex command?

How to Annex a Single Country

  1. To annex a single country in Hearts of Iron IV, you’ll need to know the country tag of the country you wish to annex.
  2. After you’ve worked out the country tag of the country you wish to annex, all you need to do is type annex followed by a space, and then a country tag.
  3. annex GER.
  4. tag ENG.

Are there cheats for EU4?

EU4 Cheats and Console Commands Common commands you might consider using include: fow – Removes the fog of war. die – Kills the current ruler. winwars – Get max warscore in all wars you are currently fighting.

How do you use console commands in Europa Universalis 4?

The Europa Universalis IV console can be opened by pressing one of the following keyboard hotkeys: `, ~, SHIFT + 2. Type a command into the text box and hit ENTER to send it. If those hotkeys aren’t working for you, or need more help with using the console, see our console guide.

How do you annex a country in Europa Universalis 4?

The requirements for initiating diplomatic annexation are:

  1. The subject’s vassalage has lasted at least 10 years.
  2. Vassal opinion of overlord is at least 190.
  3. Liberty desire is less than 50%.
  4. Vassal is at peace.
  5. Vassal has control of its capital.
  6. Vassal has at least one core province that can be cored.

How do you annex vassal?

What is God mode in EU4?

EU4 God Command This command enables and disables (toggles) god mode. In god mode, you will instantly win all wars you are engaged in or engage with.

How do you spawn Jan Mayen?

One of those involves typing “bearhaslanded” into the console commands. Doing this will spawn the mighty bear nation of Jan Mayen.

How do I send my province to vassal?

The second option opens with the art of war dlc(or cossacks works for this as well). You can now transfer occupation of any province to any ally in a war. Handing over occupation to a vassal this way will grant the province to your vassal in the peace deal.

Can you annex puppets without DLC?

Without the DLC, the Raj is a puppet and the only discount is for puppets. The puppet master may access far more of the puppet’s resources than it could otherwise with its own trade laws if directly annexed.

How do you make someone your vassal Stellaris?

Open up the “Empires” tab, select the Empire you want to Vassalize, and click on the “Communicate” button. Next to the “Demand Vassalization” button will either be a green tick or a red cross. If it’s a tick, you’re good to go — hit the button and they’ll agree to be your Vassal.