How do I scroll with my Logitech TrackMan?

Go to Logitech’s website and install SetPoint. Assign one of the smaller buttons as “Generic Button” in the SetPoint app. Then when you’re holding that button the marble scrolls. That’s it.

How do you use the Logitech TrackMan Marble Mouse?

Starts here9:29Logitech Trackman Marble Review! (2017) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip55 second suggested clipYou would normally scroll by using the Logitech software that you install on your computer. AndMoreYou would normally scroll by using the Logitech software that you install on your computer. And holding a button and then scrolling.

When did the Logitech TrackMan come out?

In 1995, the company introduced the first large-volume computer pointing device to use precision optical technology instead of mechanical motion to measure movement, the Logitech® TrackMan® Marble® trackball.

How do you scroll without a wheel?

Use the space bar for a full page scroll and the up and down keys for a line scroll. You can also use the window scroll bar in any application.

How do I scroll with my Logitech ball mouse?

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What is the best mouse to use for carpal tunnel?

The Best Mice for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  1. Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse.
  2. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse.
  3. Acedada Rechargeable Ergonomic Wireless Mouse.
  4. Delux Rechargeable Silent Ergonomic Mouse.
  5. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring.
  6. Nulaxy Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse.

How do you set up a trackball?

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How do I use my Logitech Wireless Trackball m570?

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How does Logitech name their mice?

All their mice are named after snakes, either real or mythological. Their keyboard names come from various arachnids, even the DeathStalker (which is apparently a kind of scorpion). Headsets are all named after either sea monsters or sharks, which is an interesting (if weird) theme for headphones.

Is Logitech Swiss?

Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne , Switzerland , Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Find Logitech at, the company blog or @ Logitech .

Where can I buy the Logitech trackman wheel optical? Reliable optical technology combined with an innovative scroll wheel that acts as a third button sets Logitech’s 904353-0403 Trackman Wheel Optical apart from ordinary trackball mice. Patented optical technology provides superior precision, reduced wear, and smooth motion, and eliminates the need for regular cleaning.

Is the Logitech trackman marble wheel the best trackball mouse?

The drivers can be downloaded from Logitech if needed. It might not prevent or cure repetitive stress injuries, but the Logitech TrackMan Marble Wheel is still pretty comfortable and easy to use. This odd-looking trackball is thumb operated and is both Mac and PC compatible, making it a great choice for anyone in search of a better mouse.

What is the TrackMan wheel?

With a sleek design and intuitive placement of the ball, scroll wheel, and buttons, the TrackMan Wheel is perfect for long hours of use. It fits comfortably in your right hand and delivers smooth, ultra-precise tracking through Logitech’s optical Marble technology.

Which trackman mouse is the smoothest?

The Trackman Marble Wheel is one of the smoothest mice on the market. It boasts a very stable configuration, placing the marble under the thumb and allowing the fingers to operate the buttons. This eliminates the annoying skate problem so prevalent in thumb-button configured mice.