How do I run a SQL script in Derby?

Running ij scripts

  1. Name an input file as a command-line argument. For example: java
  2. Redirect standard input to come from a file. For example: java <
  3. Use the Run command from the ij command line. For example: ij> run ‘myscript. sql’;

How do I set up a Derby database?

Installation of Derby Download the latest Derby version from the Apache website Choose the bin distribution and extract this zip to a directory of your choice. Also make the Derby tools available in your path: Set the environment variable DERBY_HOME to the Derby installation directory.

What is Derby cache?

The cache can be used to reduce the impact of queries hitting the data sources and to speed up their executions, especially for sources whose performance is slow or are overloaded. By default, the cache module will store the cached data in the Apache Derby database embedded in Virtual DataPort.

How do I create a Derby database in SQL?

Creating a Derby database and running SQL statements Now, you will use the Derby ijtool to load the Derbydatabase engine. driver to create and connect to the firstdbdatabase. You will also use a few basic SQL statements to create and populate a table.

What SQL statements are supported in Derby?

Derby supports only a limited set of SQL statements. Some important statements known from other database systems are missing. Derby implements an SQL-92 core subset, as well as some SQL-99 features. The DROP TABLE statement removes a table from the database.

How to create a new table in Apache Derby?

The CREATE TABLE statement is used for creating a new table in Derby database. Following is the syntax of the CREATE statement. Another way to create a table in Apache Derby is that you can specify the column names and data types using a query.

How to connect to a Derby database using the embedded driver?

Create the database and open a connection to the database using the embedded driver. CONNECT ‘jdbc:derby:firstdb;create=true’; Description of connection command: connect The ijcommand to establish a connection to a database. The Derbyconnection URL is enclosed in single quotation marks.