How do I reset my smart energy water heater?

Somewhere on your electric water heater, you’ll find a reset button. It’s usually red and often located near the thermostat. It may also be hidden behind a removable metal panel on the unit—and then behind some insulation. Once you find the button, push and release it.

What is Energy Smart mode on a water heater?

The Energy Smart® mode automatically adjusts water tem- perature according to consumer hot water use patterns to reduce standby heat loss and save money. Icons notify consumers when the element is on, an error code (Alert) is present, the unit is under Smart Grid management, or the user interface is locked.

How do I reset my Whirlpool water heater?

Press the small reset button in the center of the thermal switch. If it’s tripped, you may be able to hear it click. Even if you do not hear the thermal switch click, try lighting the pilot using the instructions on the water heater’s label. If the Status Light now begins to flash, the thermal switch probably tripped.

How do you unlock a Whirlpool Energy Smart water heater?

Unlock the water heater’s user interface (if it is locked). To do so, touch the lock button for at least 5 seconds. The Lock icon will disappear from the screen.

What does it mean when green light is flashing on hot water heater?

A blinking green light indicates that the water heater is calling for hot water. The blinking light can also signify a faulty end switch on the zone valve.

How do I convert my smart water heater to ordinary water heater?

To convert: remove the thermistors, add ordinary thermostat, and re-wire for non-simultaneous operation. Cut back foam insulation with wallpaper knife/ wear eye protection. Use same elements that come with tank. Yellow and blue wires going to upper elements from top of tank do not need to be replaced.

Does Whirlpool make hot water heaters?

As one of many different brands manufactured by A.O. Smith, a Whirlpool water heater brings all of the quality you’ve come to expect, along with features to ensure safety and longevity. Update: Whirlpool no longer sells residential water heaters. Since they were previously manufactured by A.O.