How do I open my Hotmail email?

You can open your MSN Hotmail email account directly from your computer’s Web browser by going to the Hotmail sign in page. Enter the Windows Live ID and password for your email account and choose any additional login preferences available on the sign in page. Once you click the sign in button, your Hotmail account will be opened in the browser.

Which is better Hotmail or outlook?

The key difference between Outlook and Hotmail is that Outlook is a newer version when compared with Hotmail, and Outlook can perform as a domain name as well as a desktop email client, while Hotmail is only a domain name owned by Microsoft.

How to access emails using Hotmail?

Method 2 of 2: Using a Computer Go to in your computer’s web browser. Since Hotmail has been merged with Microsoft Outlook, this will redirect you to the Microsoft Outlook login page. Click Sign in. It’s at the top-right corner of the page. Enter your Hotmail email address. It’s below the text box. Enter your password. Click Sign in.

How do you log in to Hotmail?

Hotmail, now called Outlook, is Microsoft’s free email service. To log into Outlook, navigate to the Microsoft account login page ( and enter your e-mail address and associated password. If the e-mail address is already saved on the login page, select it, enter your password, and select Sign In.

How do you check your Hotmail email?

To check your Hotmail account for new email messages open a browser windows and point it to the homepage of the service – Then at this Hotmail login page enter your username and password and sign in at your Hotmail account.

How do I set up a live email account?

Set up your email in Windows Live Mail Open Windows Live Mail and choose “Tools” from the menu bar. Choose “Accounts” and click on the mail tab when the “Internet Accounts” manager window appears. Click on the “Add” button and then on “Email Account” Enter your email address, password and display name.

How do I sign up for Hotmail email?

Sign up for Hotmail Go to the and select No account? Create one! Enter your new email name into the box in the middle of the page. Enter your preferred password. Click “Next” after each step. Type your first name into the “First name” text field, then type your last name into the “Last name” text field.