How do I get to grisedale pike?

Route Description

  1. Take the small path next to the entrance signposted “public footpath Grisedale Pike” which immediately climbs steeply up steps.
  2. Keep on the ridgeline, along the slight depression, bear right as the path steepens to climb a grass bank with footholds cut into it.

How long does it take to climb grisedale pike?

around four-five hours
Climbing Grisedale Pike will take you around four-five hours (fitness dependant), but if you fancy making a full day of it, take on the Coledale Round, an 11-mile circular walk that starts and ends in Braithwaite.

Is Ladyside Pike A Wainwright?

From Revien Moss Car Park, Whinlatter Pass NY 20908 24253, via Hobcarton End,Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton Crag and Hopegill Head, then on to Sand Hill….

Name: Ladyside Pike
Nuttall/Wainwright area: Lake District – North Western Fells
County/UA: Cumbria (CoU)
Catchment: Derwent (Workington)

How far is the Coledale Horseshoe?

8 miles
The standard Coledale Horseshoe is about 13km (8 miles) and takes in Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head, Crag Hill, Sail then Outserside, returning to Braithwaite through the rest of the valley. This is also the route of the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race.

Is grisedale Pike hard walk?

In this case, the walk was supposed to be the Coledale Round, a pretty hard 11 mile or so (depending on which peaks are included) horseshoe walk from the village of Braithwaite near Keswick. Grisedale Pike is the first peak in the round and is tough in that you go from virtually nothing to 2595ft in under 2 miles.

How difficult is grisedale pike?

Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head Circular is a 6.4 mile loop trail located near Buttermere, Cumbria, England that features a river and is rated as difficult.

Is Rannerdale Knotts A Wainwright?

One of the smallest of the Wainwright’s, Rannerdale Knotts is part of the North Western Fells and stands on the shores of Crummock Water.

How many wainwrights are in Coledale Horseshoe?

8 Wainwrights
The Coledale Horseshoe (8 Wainwrights) Walking route in Braithwaite, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom.

How difficult is Coledale Horseshoe?

The Coledale Horseshoe is a high level route with a stunning array of summits, passes and views. It is one of the best horseshoe walks in the northwest Lake District – if not the best. Most of the hard work on this Adventure Peaks Guided Walk is spent on the first 3km.

Is Sand Hill a Wainwright?

In this regard, they are similar to the Scottish lowlands, Donalds. There are 214 Wainwrights, of which 209 are also classed as one of the 541 Birketts….Wainwrights by height.

Name Skiddaw
Birkett Birkett
Height (m) 931
Prom. (m) 709
Height (ft) 3,054