How do I add more data on O2 pay as you go?

To buy more data now, sign in to My O2. Or call 2202 from an O2 mobile, or 0344 809 0202 from any other phone. And you can still use wifi.

Can you buy extra data on 02?

If you need more data, just add one of our Pay As You Go Bolt Ons. You can choose from monthly or snacking one-off Bolt Ons. To add a Bolt On, just sign in to My O2.

How do I get free data on O2?

1. Eligible Customers who upgrade to a Qualifying Consumer or Business Contract (sometimes referred to as a Qualifying Contract) can get 10GB of data added to their standard data allowance (“Free Data”). Free Data is applied for a maximum of 24 months, or less if you change to an ineligible tariff or leave.

How do bolt ons work?

Bolt Ons are for the most part extra allowances that you can add to your plan. So if for example you’ve run low on minutes, texts or data you can purchase a Bolt On to give them a boost until your allowances reset. Some Bolt Ons are available as a one-off (often just lasting 1 day), while others are monthly.

How can I add more data to my iPhone?

How to upgrade on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.
  2. Tap Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  3. Choose a plan and follow the onscreen instructions.

How much data do I have left 02?

You can download the My O2 app. Sign in, go to My Allowances and choose Data. You’ll see a breakdown of all the data you’ve used and what’s left.

How do I buy a bundle on O2?

If you’re new to O2, you’ll need to visit an O2 store or order online to get a free Big Bundle sim. Or you can call 2202 free from your mobile, or go to My O2.

How long does 1GB data last for?

A 1GB data plan will allow you to browse the internet for around 12 hours, to stream 200 songs or to watch 2 hours of standard-definition video. Nowadays, the key difference between mobile phone price plans is how many gigabytes of data it comes with.

What are bolt ons O2?

What are Bolt Ons? When you’re running low on minutes, texts or data, you can top up with a Bolt On, from as little as £3 a month. There are even Bolt Ons for calling abroad, or if you’re going away yourself. If you’re already with O2, you can manage your Bolt Ons in My O2.

How do I add an O2 Bolt on?

Choose the Bolt Ons menu at the bottom of the home screen.

  1. This is the overview of the Bolt Ons that are already added to your account.
  2. Choose Add now.

How much data do I get from my O2 top up?

You keep your top up 3000 O2 minutes, 3000 O2 texts and 100MB of 4G ready data. You keep your top up Once you have used your allowances, you’ll pay our standard rates:

What are O2 pay as you go bolt ons?

These monthly data Bolt Ons can only be bought if you’re an O2 Pay As You Go customer. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend these monthly data Bolt Ons at any time on reasonable notice. The data allowance allows your use of our UK and Europe Zone data network via your mobile phone (data capable phones only).

How do I get the O2 bolt on data plan?

To get the Web Daily Bolt On, call 2202 free from your O2 phone, or text WEBDAILY to 21300 for free. Snack 100MB £2 Data Bolt On One Off: To get Snack 100MB Bolt On to use within 31 days, call 2202 free from your O2 phone, or text SNACK100 to 21300, for free. Snack 250MB £4 Data Bolt On One Off:

How do I move from O2 pay monthly to pay as you go?

If you’re moving from O2 Pay Monthly to O2 Pay As You Go, get in touch with our Pay Monthly customer service team. We’ll do the rest. If you’re on O2 Refresh you can only move to Pay As You Go once your Device Plan is paid. If you’re not on O2 Refresh but still in your contract minimum term, you may need to pay a termination charge.