How can you convert a layer into a mask layer?

Layer masks are located under the channels tab.

  1. Copy the contents of your layer by selecting it then pressing Ctrl + A to select all followed by Ctrl + C to copy .
  2. Select the layer that you want to mask and create a new mask by clicking the “add layer mask” icon at the bottom of the layers panel.

How do I create a PNG mask in Photoshop?

Goto layer Black and insert a layer mask. Goto the layer mask (=click the mask icon holding Alt at the same time). Paste in place to the mask the original shirt from the clipboard (= Ctrl+Shift+V). Now you can remove layer Original, merge layers Black and White and export the image as PNG.

How do I convert selected layers to smart objects?

Shift + click (or Ctrl/Cmd + click) to select the layers you want, right click, and select “Convert to Smart Object.” The layers will merge into a single smart object layer.

How do I copy and paste a layer mask?

To move a Layer Mask from one layer to another, click-and-drag the mask to another layer. To copy a layer mask to another layer, press-and-hold Alt (Mac: Option), then click-and-drag it to any other layer.

How do I add a layer mask to a PNG?

There are and other ways, this is quick and working way:

  1. Create layer beneath layer with dragon and fill it with white.
  2. Select layer with dragon then press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E what will create merged layer on top.
  3. Use Magic Wand tool to select areas which you want to paint in.

How do I put layers into a smart object?

Merging layers as a smart object Selecting all three layers. Clicking the Layers panel menu icon. Choosing the “Convert to Smart Object” command. All three layers have been merged into a smart object.

Is masking destructive editing?

Layer and vector masks are nondestructive because you can re‑edit the masks without losing the pixels they hide. Filter masks let you mask out the effects of Smart Filters on Smart Object layers.